How I Handle My Anxiety

I felt like this topic is an important one to discuss especially with everything we have been dealt with this year with the pandemic & other major events. Now, I’d like to preface, I’m not a medical professional. So take my advice with a grain of salt. I just wanted to share with you howContinue reading “How I Handle My Anxiety”

Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once

Why is it we tend to only pride ourselves of the big accomplishments? Do we feel like our small wins are not worth to brag about? I’m here to tell you, THEY ARE worth it & here’s why. Burn out is a real problem in today’s day & age. I’ve talked about the importance ofContinue reading “Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once”

The Benefits of Living A Slow Life

In a society where life is so fast paced & thrives on being busy, the idea of slowing down seems counterproductive. When in reality, living a more slow life has many benefits that help create a happier one. What Is Slow Living? Slow Living is the idea of slowing down on daily tasks which inContinue reading “The Benefits of Living A Slow Life”

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