Blogmas Day 11: All I Want For Christmas is For The Pandemic To End

Our world has really changed this year hasn’t it? And although the pandmeic has taught me to appreciate the simple parts of life & this so called “new normal”, I can’t help but wish for the days we used to have before all this happened. It goes to show, you don’t fully appreciate what youContinue reading “Blogmas Day 11: All I Want For Christmas is For The Pandemic To End”

What 31 Days of Declutter Taught Me

Over the month of October, I participated in the 31 Days of Declutter Challenge that was created by Bonnie of Beautiful Minimal Millennial. If you are interested in more posts about living with less & sustainable living, definitely check out her page. This challenge really taught me a lot about why we hold onto theContinue reading “What 31 Days of Declutter Taught Me”

10 Things I Do Now That I’m A Minimalist

Ever since I decided to live more intentionally, I have changed the way I see life completely. The things I found important in my life was what I owned, how I was portrayed online & what people thought of me. Now, I’m much happier, focusing on my own worth, the experiences I make, the relationshipsContinue reading “10 Things I Do Now That I’m A Minimalist”

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