Messy To Minimal Ep. 3: Kitchen Declutter & 10 Things You Can Declutter Today

It has come time in the series to tackle an area of the house that holds the most clutter. As minimalistic as I try to be, the kitchen will always be my nemeses. haha! Our pantry is stocked. Cabinets & drawers are filled.There always seems to be dishes in the sink. There is no emptyContinue reading “Messy To Minimal Ep. 3: Kitchen Declutter & 10 Things You Can Declutter Today”

Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter

We are continuing in this messy to minimal series & helping you find ways to downsize parts of your home to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Today we are focusing on bathrooms which is an area of my home I keep the most simple. We have 3 bathrooms in our home – a powder room,Continue reading “Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter”

Brews & Babbles Episode 1: How To Embrace Getting Older

Hi! Welcome to the first episode of the Brews & Babbles series. I’ve always been intrigued by the “Ask *insert name* type of sections in magazines. And I wanted to put my inspired twist to it on my blog. I love the idea of answering your questions of a wide range of lifestyle topics inContinue reading “Brews & Babbles Episode 1: How To Embrace Getting Older”

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