Blogger Recognition Award

Sundays on Mind Beauty Simplicity will be Shameless Self Promotional Days! I’d much rather save Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays to my usual scheduled content & add Sunday as a day to share any nominations or tags I’m mentioned for the foreseeable future. Hope you enjoy this little update & let’s get into today’s blogger recognition.Continue reading “Blogger Recognition Award”

What I Wish I Knew At 18

I’ve been seeing this trend going around the internet for a while now, & I wanted to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve been thinking about growth & how much I’ve changed as a person since the young age of 18, & although I’m someone who doesn’t like regretting the past, I do have a fewContinue reading “What I Wish I Knew At 18”

Even Sentimental Items Become Clutter If You Let It.

I store my keepsakes in a single box. Whatever fits inside this box, I keep. Nothing more. Over the years, I’ve developed the motto of your possessions aren’t the memories. And this mentality has helped me from overly holding onto items from the past. I still believe in having sentimental items, but limiting them toContinue reading “Even Sentimental Items Become Clutter If You Let It.”

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