5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems

It’s human nature to have problems. Honestly, it wouldn’t be living without them. Whether its a dent in our routine, a habit we can’t break or some existential crisis, there are usually no quick fixes. And you definitely don’t want to catch yourself numbing those issues with external distractions. Advertisers would tell you otherwise. ButContinue reading “5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems”

Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move

Have you ever had those moments where you are having a conversation with a friend or family member & you are so excited to let them in on your latest achievement or new venture & the next thing out of their mouth isn’t a “congratulations” or a “well done” but  a , “so then, what’sContinue reading “Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move”

15 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Resolutions are a funny thing. We set these “goals” before the start of the new year to become a better version of ourselves. And I’m all for setting goals & improving one’s self, but can someone just wake up an entirely new person? I don’t think so. I think it takes time & with aContinue reading “15 Ways To Simplify Your Life”

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