Why You Should Declutter Before Your Next Birthday

When I think of birthdays, I think of a second chance for resolutions & self growth. And if your birthday is on New Years, I guess you have double the chance. haha. My 30th birthday is coming up on August 9th. Shoutout to all my fellow leos out there! And making it to this milestoneContinue reading “Why You Should Declutter Before Your Next Birthday”

Instagram Is Useless For Bloggers & Here’s Why

Now that I’m a year into blogging, I’ve been reevaluating my blogging routine & determining what works & what doesn’t. In the beginning, I watched a lot of videos saying I needed to be on all social media platforms for success. As a minimalist, having my digital footprint stretch this far wasn’t ideal but IContinue reading “Instagram Is Useless For Bloggers & Here’s Why”

5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems

It’s human nature to have problems. Honestly, it wouldn’t be living without them. Whether its a dent in our routine, a habit we can’t break or some existential crisis, there are usually no quick fixes. And you definitely don’t want to catch yourself numbing those issues with external distractions. Advertisers would tell you otherwise. ButContinue reading “5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems”

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