5 Self Care Methods That Help My Mood Disorder- Guest Post

Back with another guest post, this time from the lovely Rachel Ramdhan. Self care is something we all need to prioritize so hopefully you find some great tips in today’s blog post. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “self-care”? Do you think of spa days, a lazyContinue reading “5 Self Care Methods That Help My Mood Disorder- Guest Post”

Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once

Why is it we tend to only pride ourselves of the big accomplishments? Do we feel like our small wins are not worth to brag about? I’m here to tell you, THEY ARE worth it & here’s why. Burn out is a real problem in today’s day & age. I’ve talked about the importance ofContinue reading “Lets Celebrate Our Small Victories For Once”

Why Self Care Is So Crucial

Burn Out. That overwhelming feeling of lighting your candle at both ends. Being so incredibly busy, you couldn’t possibly have any time for anything else. A bubble bath? I don’t even have time to eat a proper lunch. Being the queen or king of multitasking & powering through a to do list that’s never ending.Continue reading “Why Self Care Is So Crucial”

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