Guest Post: Relationships & Building A Foundation

Hello everyone! I have another guest post from a lovely blogging friend, Lisa of Agapephilia Life Coaching. Hope you enjoy it & be sure to follow Lisa for more posts like this one. Relationships are a lot of work, but they can be a lot of fun too. It is no secret that relationships don’tContinue reading “Guest Post: Relationships & Building A Foundation”

Guest Post: My Favorite Kind of Love

Hello everyone! Today’s guest post is from Gee of AllThingsGee, be sure to check out their blog as well as follow them on social media. I think we all can relate to this type of love… I was not really sure what I wanted to write about within my guest post but we discussed theContinue reading “Guest Post: My Favorite Kind of Love”

Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk

Energy, whether it be positive or negative, flocks to me like a virus (is that analogy too triggering?). Not to get all cosmic with you, but we need to learn to protect our auras. Raise your hand if you are an empath? *raises both hands way up high* I’ve found I am someone who embracesContinue reading “Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk”

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