You Asked. I Answered. Minimalist Edition

The minimalism movement is a rather fascinating concept. And with that, I’ve received quite a few questions about my experience living this lifestyle. So, today I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions in a casual chit chat style blog post. Let’s get into these questions. How long have you been a minimalist? I wasContinue reading “You Asked. I Answered. Minimalist Edition”

You Asked, I Answered: A Good Ol’ Fashion Q&A

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I just came on here & chatted with you. So, I asked on Twitter & Instagram for you to send me questions & you all asked some really great ones . Why did you start blogging? If you are new here, I started blogging because I thought it wasContinue reading “You Asked, I Answered: A Good Ol’ Fashion Q&A”

Brews & Babbles Episode 1: How To Embrace Getting Older

Hi! Welcome to the first episode of the Brews & Babbles series. I’ve always been intrigued by the “Ask *insert name* type of sections in magazines. And I wanted to put my inspired twist to it on my blog. I love the idea of answering your questions of a wide range of lifestyle topics inContinue reading “Brews & Babbles Episode 1: How To Embrace Getting Older”

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