Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter

We are continuing in this messy to minimal series & helping you find ways to downsize parts of your home to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Today we are focusing on bathrooms which is an area of my home I keep the most simple. We have 3 bathrooms in our home – a powder room,Continue reading “Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter”

Guest Post: How To Be Minimal As a Pet Owner

Today we have a guest post from Guilia of TidBits of Care. As someone who is constantly begging my boyfriend for us to get a golden retriever puppy, I think this topic is a very interesting & enlightening one. I’d like to see my future fur babies to be minimalists. lol. How can I beContinue reading “Guest Post: How To Be Minimal As a Pet Owner”

Getting Rid of All My Clothes?! Minimalism Closet Declutter

I don’t know if it’s because last year was such a whirlwind of a year or I’m just sick of 90% of what I own, BUT I had the itch to do a full blown rigorous purge of EVERYTHING I own – starting with MY CLOSET. BUT FIRST, LET’S TAKE A TOUR So, the majorityContinue reading “Getting Rid of All My Clothes?! Minimalism Closet Declutter”

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