My [New] Makeup Vanity

Find someone who supports your addictions [i mean] passions. For my birthday, I was gifted this beautiful grey wood writers desk from my boyfriend. I’ve always wanted a desk that I would transform into my vanity. We have a spare room upstairs that is now my designated beauty room. [spoiled? maybe…] 🤷🏻‍♀️ This room hasContinue reading “My [New] Makeup Vanity”

3 M’s For An Intentional Life [Collab with TheGrowthStory]

I’d like to thank TheGrowthStory for collaborating with me on this piece. I’m so proud of how it turned out. And I hope you all enjoy it. 🌿 We are amidst one of the most troubled times in the 21stcentury, with the pandemic and the economic crises. Most of us (including me) have been affectedContinue reading “3 M’s For An Intentional Life [Collab with TheGrowthStory]”

My (Minimal) Skincare Routine

Like all my routines, I like to keep my skincare process simple, with very few products. I have very sensitive skin. Most products I use have to be fragrance free with few drying ingredients. I’ve found a few holy grail products that I plan to stick with for years. Facial Cleanser: I’ve used quite aContinue reading “My (Minimal) Skincare Routine”

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