Project 333 Was The Worst Idea in a Pandemic!

Out of all the times I attempt a challenge such as this, 2020 was probably not the best choice. When all you are wearing are oversized sweatshirts, joggers & slippers around the house, my fashion sense left the building. I mean, don’t get me wrong I tried. On weekends, I would take advantage of anyContinue reading “Project 333 Was The Worst Idea in a Pandemic!”

Blogmas Day 12: Merry Christmas to the Blogging Community!

It’s the final day of 12 Days of Blogmas. As this being my first ever Blogmas, I’m so glad I decided to participate. I felt like it got us all in the holiday spirit & I was able to connect with more people in the community as well. Not to mention I managed to surpassContinue reading “Blogmas Day 12: Merry Christmas to the Blogging Community!”

Blogmas Day 5: Declutter Series: Holiday Decor

I personally, don’t like to overly own holiday decor, especially during Christmas (laughs painfully at past self since 2020 has caused me to buy quite a few decorations) . We usually stick to putting up a tree, hang a wreath on the front door, stockings, & of course hang up a themed garden flag. OtherContinue reading “Blogmas Day 5: Declutter Series: Holiday Decor”

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