I’m Rethinking The Whole Minimalism Thing

My thoughts on minimalism have sort of changed lately. Personally, I feel like I’ve taken it a little too far. When it comes to my minimalism journey, I’ve felt kind of deprived & so I’m rethinking a few things & piecing together a more balanced mindset. There was a point on my life where IContinue reading “I’m Rethinking The Whole Minimalism Thing”

How To Save Money The Intentional Way

My name is B & I used to be a shopaholic. Yes, you’ve got that right, this practicing minimalist & intentional living enthusiast used to spend her money on clothes & makeup like it was water. I filled emotional voids & tried to gain happiness through new purchases. And unfortunately, none of it truly helped.Continue reading “How To Save Money The Intentional Way”

Things I’ll Be Doing Different For Our Wedding

I’ve been engaged a few months now & the talk about wedding planning is slowly upon us. “It will be the most stressful time of your life”, says pretty much everyone I come across who wants to provide me with their unsolicited advice. I give a sarcastic grin & just think, “GREAAAT.” But honestly, IContinue reading “Things I’ll Be Doing Different For Our Wedding”

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