Read This If You Are Feeling Anxious

Disclaimer: This blog post is all opinion based & a story of my truth. I am in no means a professional. If you are struggling with anxiety or other forms of mental health, please seek help or assistance elsewhere. Thank you. Sleepless nights. Racing thoughts. Tingling hands. Feeling like your hearts about to explode atContinue reading “Read This If You Are Feeling Anxious”

5 Self Care Methods That Help My Mood Disorder- Guest Post

Back with another guest post, this time from the lovely Rachel Ramdhan. Self care is something we all need to prioritize so hopefully you find some great tips in today’s blog post. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “self-care”? Do you think of spa days, a lazyContinue reading “5 Self Care Methods That Help My Mood Disorder- Guest Post”

Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk

Energy, whether it be positive or negative, flocks to me like a virus (is that analogy too triggering?). Not to get all cosmic with you, but we need to learn to protect our auras. Raise your hand if you are an empath? *raises both hands way up high* I’ve found I am someone who embracesContinue reading “Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk”

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