Guest Post: Relationships & Building A Foundation

Hello everyone! I have another guest post from a lovely blogging friend, Lisa of Agapephilia Life Coaching. Hope you enjoy it & be sure to follow Lisa for more posts like this one. Relationships are a lot of work, but they can be a lot of fun too. It is no secret that relationships don’tContinue reading “Guest Post: Relationships & Building A Foundation”

Guest Post: My Favorite Kind of Love

Hello everyone! Today’s guest post is from Gee of AllThingsGee, be sure to check out their blog as well as follow them on social media. I think we all can relate to this type of love… I was not really sure what I wanted to write about within my guest post but we discussed theContinue reading “Guest Post: My Favorite Kind of Love”

How To Truly Love Yourself

In the age of social media the concept of genuinely loving oneself seems far fetched. A tsunami of images of so called “perfection” can really let the insecurities fester, can’t they? While all these expectations cause you to slowly lose everything about yourself that made you uniquely YOU. I wish I could go back toContinue reading “How To Truly Love Yourself”

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