10 Post-Lockdown Items To Declutter Today

I’ve survived lockdown & still powering through what is left of this pandemic. But as a result, my home has become a dumping ground of miscellaneous assortments of “survival tactics” & activities that helped battle the boredom of stay at home orders & quarantines. Now, I am ready for a clean slate & ready toContinue reading “10 Post-Lockdown Items To Declutter Today”

Shot Girl Summer: I Got The Vaccine & This Is How It Went

Yes, we are talking about it – the vaccine. I’m not here to cause a riot over whether you decide to get it or not. That’s your decision. I simply wanted to share my experience as a sentiment of the times as well as provide a bit of information to help my readers out. InContinue reading “Shot Girl Summer: I Got The Vaccine & This Is How It Went”

10 Ways To Stay Stress Free in Life

I think we all can relate 2020 has been a stressful year. All of us have become superheros in our own rights wearing more than just our usual hat & juggling responsibilities like we are professional circus clowns. Some of us are in lockdown for the second time, having to bare the boredom that isContinue reading “10 Ways To Stay Stress Free in Life”

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