Mental Minimalism & How We Can Declutter Our Mind?

When we go through our homes & bag up unwanted items & send them on their ways to new homes, it feels like a weight has been lifted, doesn’t it? When we scroll through our news feeds & become pickier of who we follow, it feels inspiring & uplifting, wouldn’t you say? I’ve discovered doingContinue reading “Mental Minimalism & How We Can Declutter Our Mind?”

I Made Myself A Priority This Week & This Is How It Went

There’s something about the relief I get when I let myself mold into a beach chair. The tension I carry slowly dissipates as I take in the deep breath of salty air. The gliding of my feet digging further into the sand as if I’m a plane coming in for landing. Looking out at theContinue reading “I Made Myself A Priority This Week & This Is How It Went”

Minimalist Travel Guide To Packing Light

In the past, whenever I would go on a week long or even a weekend getaway, I thought I had to pack my entire life away. To say I was an over packer is quite accurate. With the help of minimalism & living with less, I’ve managed to learn how to bring as little asContinue reading “Minimalist Travel Guide To Packing Light”

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