How Is My Minimalist Journey Going? + 1,000 Followers?!

One of the first posts I wrote on my blog [ that is still up to this day ] was discussing why i became a minimalist in the first place & my journey to minimalism. But when I look back on that post, I realized I only shared with you a small part of whyContinue reading “How Is My Minimalist Journey Going? + 1,000 Followers?!”

How To Be Resilient Even When The World Feels Against You

For most of my 20’s I felt pretty lost. Every time I thought I reached that Ah Ha moment, life would push back & resist me from my destination. And my initial reactions were annoyance & discouragement over whether I’d ever have it all figured out. The thing is, I don’t think we ever haveContinue reading “How To Be Resilient Even When The World Feels Against You”

Why I Became a Minimalist

The journey began in 2017, after losing a family member to Cancer. A few months after their passing, we were clearing out their home filled with 30 plus years of memories. Memorabilia stacked on shelves, papers & trinkets spilling out of drawers, photographs hung on every inch of the walls. Possessions of all kinds beingContinue reading “Why I Became a Minimalist”

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