How I Healed My Pain & Created A Happier Life

I was seen as an optimistic, bubbly, always smiling type of child growing up, always ready for the next fun activity. I had this zest for life that nobody could take away from me. I saw life with rose colored glasses, and had no plans of taking them off. Life can make you jaded though,Continue reading “How I Healed My Pain & Created A Happier Life”

What Truly Makes You Happy?

A sequential glide of a pen. The musical sound of fingers tapping one key after the other. Thoughts racing as the words spill out on the page. To me, this is paradise. I have a book recommendation for you all. The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey. I stumbled upon this book a few yearsContinue reading “What Truly Makes You Happy?”

Why I Became a Minimalist

The journey began in 2017, after losing a family member to Cancer. A few months after their passing, we were clearing out their home filled with 30 plus years of memories. Memorabilia stacked on shelves, papers & trinkets spilling out of drawers, photographs hung on every inch of the walls. Possessions of all kinds beingContinue reading “Why I Became a Minimalist”

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