Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap

Happy Halloween & final day of Blogtober! I can’t believe I actually managed to accomplish such a challenge. To be honest, I thought I had too much personal things going on that would cause me to call off the entire thing. But since I had it all written & scheduled, I pushed forward & successfullyContinue reading “Happy Halloween! A Blogtober Recap”

Sharing a Few Ghost Stories With You

Halloween is quickly approaching in a few days so I felt it was appropriate to share some ghost stories with you today. This is a collective list of stories either from my own personal experience, one’s other blogger’s have shared or one’s I’ve read online. Be sure to grab a warm beverage, a snack, dimContinue reading “Sharing a Few Ghost Stories With You”

Youtubers To Watch During Halloween

One of my favorite things to do to get in the spooky spirit, is to watch Halloween themed or scary content during the month of October. I’ve mentioned a few movies & tv shows to check out which you can read about here. But one of my favorite platforms is Youtube & believe it orContinue reading “Youtubers To Watch During Halloween”

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