Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move

Have you ever had those moments where you are having a conversation with a friend or family member & you are so excited to let them in on your latest achievement or new venture & the next thing out of their mouth isn’t a “congratulations” or a “well done” but  a , “so then, what’sContinue reading “Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move”

Isolation Taught Me Who My True Friends Are

It’s safe to say we’ve all had to spend a lot of time with just ourselves this past year & a half. To quote Olivia Lucie Blake in one of her recent blog posts, being a fellow introverted – extrovert, it has been a rather thriving era for myself. I’ve been reflecting, manifesting & justContinue reading “Isolation Taught Me Who My True Friends Are”

Blogmas Day 2: Minimalism Holiday Gift Guide

What do you even get a minimalist for the holidays? I mean, minimalists prefer to own very little & are constantly decluttering their belongings. So, to prevent your gift from becoming Goodwills next ticket item, here are the 10 Best Gift Options For a Minimalist. * all affiliate links are not sponsored * Books orContinue reading “Blogmas Day 2: Minimalism Holiday Gift Guide”

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