Huge Makeup Collections Are Overrated

I used to collect so much makeup. I can thank Youtube for that one. I owned one of those wheeling drawers from Office Depot filled with makeup products. Each drawer was organized by category. I needed every new release, every brand, & every shade of eyeshadow imaginable. It was out of hand. Over a decadeContinue reading “Huge Makeup Collections Are Overrated”

My [New] Makeup Vanity

Find someone who supports your addictions [i mean] passions. For my birthday, I was gifted this beautiful grey wood writers desk from my boyfriend. I’ve always wanted a desk that I would transform into my vanity. We have a spare room upstairs that is now my designated beauty room. [spoiled? maybe…] 🤷🏻‍♀️ This room hasContinue reading “My [New] Makeup Vanity”

My (Minimal) Skincare Routine

Like all my routines, I like to keep my skincare process simple, with very few products. I have very sensitive skin. Most products I use have to be fragrance free with few drying ingredients. I’ve found a few holy grail products that I plan to stick with for years. Facial Cleanser: I’ve used quite aContinue reading “My (Minimal) Skincare Routine”

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