Stop Caring About What People Think of You

I’m actually surprised of myself I was able to start a blog in the first place. I had this fear of vulnerability & putting myself out there so to speak. All of my worries & scarcities stemmed from caring what people would think of me. I got a pit in my stomach going through scenariosContinue reading “Stop Caring About What People Think of You”

Huge Makeup Collections Are Overrated

I used to collect so much makeup. I can thank Youtube for that one. I owned one of those wheeling drawers from Office Depot filled with makeup products. Each drawer was organized by category. I needed every new release, every brand, & every shade of eyeshadow imaginable. It was out of hand. Over a decadeContinue reading “Huge Makeup Collections Are Overrated”

How I Became Healthier in Quarantine

My Journey of Losing 15 lbs Stuck in my House Before I begin, I would like to preface, a person is not defined by the number on the scale or their dress size. Be confident in the body you are in & only change for yourself. Nobody else. When Stay at Home Order hit ourContinue reading “How I Became Healthier in Quarantine”

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