Dazzling Blogging Award

Thank you, Chocoviv, for nominating me on this first Dazzling Blogger Award! I am currently at the beach with my boyfriend this week. So, this nomination arrived at the perfect time since I had no other posts scheduled for this week. The Official Rules Thank the person who nominated you for The Dazzling Blogger Award.Continue reading “Dazzling Blogging Award”

How I Boosted My Confidence During A Pandemic Year

I think we all can relate that this past year has been quite the mood. I went from having some what of a fashion sense to primarily sporting comfy joggers & athleisure wear & being bare faced / no makeup even when I left the house. Old me could never! And honestly, even though IContinue reading “How I Boosted My Confidence During A Pandemic Year”

Taking My Power Back: How A Break From Writing Rejuvenated My Creative Soul

First & foremost, hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Did you miss me? A week ago, I decided to step away from blogging to give myself a proper break from all the responsibilities surrounding Mind Beauty Simplicity. I wasn’t sure how long of a break I would need, but only a week wasContinue reading “Taking My Power Back: How A Break From Writing Rejuvenated My Creative Soul”

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