How Much Should We Actually Share Online As Bloggers?

Our world pretty much revolves around technology & the internet whether we like it or not. And for me, I’ve been the more conflicted type of person loving the concept of sharing your life to the world through social media to kind of wanting to go back to the early 90’s when it was lessContinue reading “How Much Should We Actually Share Online As Bloggers?”

Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space

I think a lot of us bloggers can relate to being nomads when it comes to our work space. I for one love going from my kitchen table to the living room couch to even the patio in my backyard. In a lot of ways the change of scenery sparks inspiration. Over the course ofContinue reading “Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space”

Instagram Is Useless For Bloggers & Here’s Why

Now that I’m a year into blogging, I’ve been reevaluating my blogging routine & determining what works & what doesn’t. In the beginning, I watched a lot of videos saying I needed to be on all social media platforms for success. As a minimalist, having my digital footprint stretch this far wasn’t ideal but IContinue reading “Instagram Is Useless For Bloggers & Here’s Why”

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