You Asked, I Answered: A Good Ol’ Fashion Q&A

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I just came on here & chatted with you. So, I asked on Twitter & Instagram for you to send me questions & you all asked some really great ones . Why did you start blogging? If you are new here, I started blogging because I thought it wasContinue reading “You Asked, I Answered: A Good Ol’ Fashion Q&A”

You Seriously Want My Advice?

Here I am doing a post I thought I’d never do. But in all seriousness, I still feel like a beginner in the blogging world, so when people ask me for MY advice on blogging, I was extremely confused. When I look to advice I read posts from Olivia Blake or Pooja. I feel likeContinue reading “You Seriously Want My Advice?”

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