My Everyday Makeup Routine + Skin Care Favs

The title is deceiving because I actually DON’T wear makeup every single day. Not to brag, but my skin has been the best it’s ever been in years! I have quarantine to thank for that one. Why waste wearing makeup when I’m isolating from the public eye & spending the majority of time binge watchingContinue reading “My Everyday Makeup Routine + Skin Care Favs”

Purchases That Have Changed The Quarantine Game

To this day, I still feel like we are all in this weird dream that is 2020 & we will just miraculously wake up & everything will be back to the way it was in February. But as it is, we have had to make a few changes to make the best out of theContinue reading “Purchases That Have Changed The Quarantine Game”

My Holy Grail Makeup Products

I’m a creature of habit. If I like something, I usually stick with it for years. Same goes for my makeup routine. Especially as someone who has downsized her collection & prefers less overall, I find experimenting with makeup to be out & forever favorites to be in. Over the years, I’ve came across certainContinue reading “My Holy Grail Makeup Products”

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