How To Get Out of a Creative Rut

Inspiration can come from many things. You just have to look up & experience them. Most of what I write are from personal experiences – past, present & future thoughts. But even so, a creative rut can happen to anyone. It’s human nature. When this happens, it’s important to just take a breather & stepContinue reading “How To Get Out of a Creative Rut”

Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk

Energy, whether it be positive or negative, flocks to me like a virus (is that analogy too triggering?). Not to get all cosmic with you, but we need to learn to protect our auras. Raise your hand if you are an empath? *raises both hands way up high* I’ve found I am someone who embracesContinue reading “Don’t Let Negative Energy Put You in A Funk”

My Tinder Success Story & The Secrets To Online Dating

I’ve never seen dating in shades of grey (get your mind out of the gutter). I either wanted a full fledged relationship or nothing at all. Casual hookups always seemed completely pointless. I just wanted my Monica & Chandler picturesque love story. Is that so hard to ask for? This led me to have aContinue reading “My Tinder Success Story & The Secrets To Online Dating”

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