Life Can Be a Witch Sometimes

Our days can feel not quite fair & we wake up pondering the question, “why me?” But I’m here to tell you, you aren’t alone. It’s just that way sometimes. There has to be a balance of good & bad times because if not, we wouldn’t appreciate those highlights. Or maybe I just sound likeContinue reading “Life Can Be a Witch Sometimes”

Stop Caring About What People Think of You

“You’ll Never Be Happy If You Constantly Worry What Other’s Think of You” But why do we let ourselves get caught up in this game & allow it to take control of our lives? We scroll through social media & slowly degrade ourselves with every flick of the finger as the news feed moves acrossContinue reading “Stop Caring About What People Think of You”

Guest Post: My Blogging Schedule As a Full Time Blogger

Today, we have the lovely Sarah Marie Blog as a guest poster. I’m super excited to have her share her blogging routine with you all. She’s someone who really knows her stuff! Be sure to check out her blog! Also, be sure to check out yesterday’s blogtober post here if you haven’t already. As aContinue reading “Guest Post: My Blogging Schedule As a Full Time Blogger”

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