July Roundup | What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hi everyone! How is it going to be August already?! Summer is seriously flying by! I’m always so grateful for the blogging community for helping me spark some content inspiration when I need it the most. Jordanne of The Life of a Glasgow Girl shared her monthly roundup, a series of photos & descriptions of memorable mentions. I decided to do the same today & give you a life update of sorts with my own rendition of a July Roundup. Be sure to check out Jordanne’s post here if you haven’t read it already & go give her a follow! She is such an amazing blogger & I’m sure you will love her content! Thank you again, for the inspiration & let’s get into this monthly roundup.

Happy Birthday, America!

The month started off a week at the beach, starting off with a day trip with my mom & brother. We drank daiquiris, ate burgers, sat under the umbrella with our toes in the sand & played a game of mini golf. That weekend, my fiance ventured off to the beach again to spend the 4th of July weekend with his family. The weather was awesome & spent the days on the boat & the community pool. We also managed to find some fireworks after hearing there weren’t going to be any due to them going off accidently that morning! UGH!

Celebrated My Fiance’s Birthday

We seriously live at the beach in the summer because the weekend after the 4th, we were back at the beach for the weekend again. This time it was to celebrate Todd’s 29th birthday. We had a group of friends come down to hangout with us & celebrate. It was so nice to finally get together with friends after a year of isolation. We hung out at the beach for hours, drinking, talking & swimming in the ocean because it was a hot one! We ended up with pretty bad food comas after eating these large Calzones & our fair share of ice cream cake.

Our Engagement Party

If you didn’t know, Todd proposed to me over Memorial Day weekend & we finally got to have a gathering to celebrate with family & a few friends. I seriously can’t wait to marry him. This day solidified the life we have made together & all the people who love & appreciate us separately & as a couple. We had tons of food including 200 wings, fruit, pasta salad & desserts. The entire week after, we were eating wings every day because we had so much left over. LOL. You can assume I am probably winged out by now.

Those are just a few of the highlighted moments of this past month. If you enjoyed this type of life update post, let me know if I should continue it for future months.


I’m Rethinking The Whole Minimalism Thing

My thoughts on minimalism have sort of changed lately. Personally, I feel like I’ve taken it a little too far. When it comes to my minimalism journey, I’ve felt kind of deprived & so I’m rethinking a few things & piecing together a more balanced mindset. There was a point on my life where I was struggling with a borderline shopping addiction & seeing materialism as a way to fill an emotion void. From there, I learned I needed to save my money more properly & came up with the plan of low buy challenges where I prioritize the essentials. I guess you could say I went the cold turkey route. Treating myself has been off the to do list & honestly, I deserve a bit of luxury. Minimalism should never feel like a deprivation & heres why it shouldn’t be.

Treating Yourself Shouldn’t Feel Like a Crime

On one hand I was in need of teaching myself to go without a few wants. Quite frankly it was necessary to break my collecting habit especially with fashion & makeup. Society & mainstream media like Youtube can really suck you in the consumer side of life. I desperately needed a reality check. But now that I have broken said habits, I feel like I am neglecting the self care side of “retail therapy.” There shouldn’t be this strict guideline or feeling guilty for owning more than one type of shampoo for instance. Life isn’t supposed to feel like a prison. You should be enjoying it.

It’s Ok, You Aren’t Perfect When It Comes To Sustainability

Don’t get me wrong, I want to strive to be more environmentally cautious. But this doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up in you aren’t 100% sustainable yet or if you never will be. I for one love paper towels for cleaning. I try to use washable clothes or dish towels as much as possible. But to be honest, it’s hard to keep them clean all the time & I don’t want to own 50 of them. I still buy from fast fashion companies or cheaper stores because I just can’t justify paying $200 for a single T-shirt. Even though I am coming clean about some sustainability struggles, I am still making a few small changes that work for my lifestyle like not purchasing makeup remover wipes or plastic straws. Baby steps are better than no steps at all.

I Like Wearing More Color & Experimenting With Style

I love fashion & style. When I began on my minimalism journey, I thought I had to nicks all the bright colors & patterns & swap them out for neutrals only. Believe me, I love my neutral clothing for sure. But lately I’ve been eyeing dresses with patterns or brighter colored tops. I never want to feel restricted with my personal style. For me, what I wear & how I wear my makeup is an expression of my personality in a sense. I don’t want to lose that & become “boring” just because the cookie cutter minimalist says so.

Miscellaneous Items Are Useful To Own

Of course I try to maintain a mindset of essentialism. Maybe I should call myself an essentialist instead. I’m sick of feeling like I shouldn’t own a candle or two because another minimalism says they are pointless. Or I shouldn’t own a toolbox & just borrow from someone else if need be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to not purchase a few things here & there. But having to rely on other people can be tricky & sometimes I’d rather just own the damn thing.

You May Also Like: Minimalism Isn’t One Size Fits All

I’m not writing this to say I’m totally giving up the concept of minimalism. I still love a good decluttering session & I refuse to become a hoarder of any means. I just think, anything of a certain extreme can be tough. I’m just wanting to find more balance with the concept. The art of intentional living is a beautiful concept. Living more in the present moment needs to be a daily reminder to everyone. I want to take the positives of this lifestyle & form it into something that works best for me. And now that I’ve reflected on it better, I think I am headed in the right direction.

What are your thoughts on minimalism or essentialism?


How To Save Money The Intentional Way

My name is B & I used to be a shopaholic. Yes, you’ve got that right, this practicing minimalist & intentional living enthusiast used to spend her money on clothes & makeup like it was water. I filled emotional voids & tried to gain happiness through new purchases. And unfortunately, none of it truly helped. It wasn’t until I learned to reflect on my emotions, honor them & control my spending habits did I finally feel fulfilled. Now, I am a proud outfit repeater & use up my makeup products before I get replacements. I still love shopping but I’ve learned to do it less frequently. The types of things I prefer to buy now are items that can improve my life & experiences that will enrich my soul. Today, I wanted to let you in on the secrets to saving money & being intentional with your purchases.

Create a Wish List

To keep my purchasing less off the cuff, I tend to keep a list of wants in my note section of my phone. A lot of the time, I’ll remember I need something or have a want in mind throughout the day. By writing it down as soon as I think of it, I’m less likely to forget. Not only this, but having a list is a way for me to take a pause & reflect on it for a second.

Don’t Purchase From The Wish List Right Away

Impulse purchasing is where I have wasted the most amount of money. Ideally, you want to wait a few days until you purchase items on this wish list so you give yourself time to think about it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quickly bought something & completely regretting it later. The worst part is when it’s too late to even return it. Unless it’s something you truly need like groceries, it’s healthier to wait it out a bit. A way to combat impulse buys is to make your lists ahead of time before your usual shopping day. You can even create a spread sheet & budget out the estimated expenses.

Consider A Low Buy Challenge

Challenge yourself to making less purchases all together. Keep it down to the essentials like food, water, monthly bills, & gas. You can even just limit yourself to specific types of purchases like not buying new makeup for a month. I did this with makeup & new clothing where I didn’t buy new items for a few months & I seriously saved hundreds of dollars. This also teaches you to prioritize your spending & always focus on the important expenses first. I know treating ourself can be nice, but it can also get out of hand. Control those spending urges with these low buy or no buy rules.

Ask Yourself Why

Why do I want this new makeup product? Why do I feel like I need this new dress? What will I wear it to & how often will I wear it? These are such important questions to reflect on before making any type of purchases no matter how much it may be. Money no matter how small adds up. So really dive deep into those questions.

Save Your Coins

I am a hoarder – when it comes to coin collecting. We have a large glass jar by our front door that holds all our loose change. Every few months or so I’ll go & cash it in. Can you believe I’ve gotten a few hundred dollars out of just our loose change?! We’ve used it for bills, groceries or even weekend getaways to the beach.

Being intentional with your spending habits simply takes willpower. And when you start to think more frugally, like any habit, it starts to become second nature. Now, when I walk into a store, I can easily just window shop & most days not buy a damn thing. Old me would be shocked. Are you trying to save your money & create smarter spending habits? Let me know in the comments your secrets.


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