I’m Rethinking The Whole Minimalism Thing

My thoughts on minimalism have sort of changed lately. Personally, I feel like I’ve taken it a little too far. When it comes to my minimalism journey, I’ve felt kind of deprived & so I’m rethinking a few things & piecing together a more balanced mindset. There was a point on my life where IContinue reading “I’m Rethinking The Whole Minimalism Thing”

The Ultimate Simple Living Summer Bucket List

Anyone else feel like summer needs to slow down? With such a jam packed schedule & so many of us making up for lost time after last summer being a bust, I have so much more I want to soak in before the leaves start to fall. And with that, I wanted to share withContinue reading “The Ultimate Simple Living Summer Bucket List”

The 10 Misconceptions of Being A Minimalist

Minimalists & the fellow Marie Kondos of the world tend to get a bad wrap. I can’t tell you how many comments I see on the internet calling this community a cult. People kind of understand the concepts of decluttering your space & letting go of the unnecessary, but when people start to talk aboutContinue reading “The 10 Misconceptions of Being A Minimalist”

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