I Had No Idea This Would Happen To Me: The Ugly Side of Blogging

*Pours huge glass of wine* I told you I would spill the tea but we need a stronger drink of choice for this one. You see my blogging journey has been smooth sailings up until this week & I had no idea this would happen to me. I’m not here to expose anyone on thisContinue reading “I Had No Idea This Would Happen To Me: The Ugly Side of Blogging”

Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter

We are continuing in this messy to minimal series & helping you find ways to downsize parts of your home to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Today we are focusing on bathrooms which is an area of my home I keep the most simple. We have 3 bathrooms in our home – a powder room,Continue reading “Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter”

Isolation Taught Me Who My True Friends Are

It’s safe to say we’ve all had to spend a lot of time with just ourselves this past year & a half. To quote Olivia Lucie Blake in one of her recent blog posts, being a fellow introverted – extrovert, it has been a rather thriving era for myself. I’ve been reflecting, manifesting & justContinue reading “Isolation Taught Me Who My True Friends Are”

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