The Spooky Halloween Tag

I’m back with another tag blog post for Blogtober & we are getting closer & closer to Halloween. I was browsing the WordPress reader & came across a blogger by the name of Literary Weaponry who shared the Spooky Halloween Tag with her readers. I looked through the questions & had to answer them myself.Continue reading “The Spooky Halloween Tag”

5 Things I No Longer Buy

My journey through minimalism has been a wild ride. A few months ago, I began to question it all together & try to find a healthy balance without feeling too extreme. This resulted in relabeling myself as an essentialist. If you’d like to read about that reflection, click here. But I think the best wayContinue reading “5 Things I No Longer Buy”

Fall Bucket List For The Anti-Autumn People

It has come to my attention not everyone wakes up craving a pumpkin spice latte, has the urge to carve a pumpkin or jump in a pile of leaves or watch Halloween themed movies until they are blue in the face. I mean – I can’t relate. But in today’s blog post, I shall channelContinue reading “Fall Bucket List For The Anti-Autumn People”

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