July Roundup | What I’ve Been Up To Lately

Hi everyone! How is it going to be August already?! Summer is seriously flying by! I’m always so grateful for the blogging community for helping me spark some content inspiration when I need it the most. Jordanne of The Life of a Glasgow Girl shared her monthly roundup, a series of photos & descriptions ofContinue reading “July Roundup | What I’ve Been Up To Lately”

How To Save Money The Intentional Way

My name is B & I used to be a shopaholic. Yes, you’ve got that right, this practicing minimalist & intentional living enthusiast used to spend her money on clothes & makeup like it was water. I filled emotional voids & tried to gain happiness through new purchases. And unfortunately, none of it truly helped.Continue reading “How To Save Money The Intentional Way”

Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space

I think a lot of us bloggers can relate to being nomads when it comes to our work space. I for one love going from my kitchen table to the living room couch to even the patio in my backyard. In a lot of ways the change of scenery sparks inspiration. Over the course ofContinue reading “Why Bloggers Need Their Own Work Space”

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