I’m Going To Try Project 333

In the past, I have discussed the benefits of a capsule wardrobe. I have never limited myself to a specific number of items even with a condensed closet space. For the next 3 months (October, November & December) I will put my minimalism habits to the test & limit myself to a set number ofContinue reading “I’m Going To Try Project 333”

10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe

When decluttering, it is sometimes hard to pinpoint what is needed & what is completely unnecessary. I’ve discussed the process of decluttering, capsule wardrobes & pairing down. But I haven’t yet told you what you really don’t need in your closet in the first place. Let’s take a look. Clothing With The Tags Still onContinue reading “10 Things You Don’t Need In Your Wardrobe”

Minimalist Guide: Fall Wardrobe

I’ve been spending a few days decluttering & putting together my fall wardrobe & finding styling inspiration off Pinterest. I think I want to make this a seasonal series on the blog where I show you my must have clothing essentials. I love summer, but the fashion can be pretty plain. There’s something about fallContinue reading “Minimalist Guide: Fall Wardrobe”

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