Brews & Babbles Ep. 2: Feeling Lost in Your 20’s

“Hey Bee, I’d like to know what inspires you in life. What sets your soul on fire? I feel lost & I’m unsure what my purpose is supposed to be. I’m in my early 20’s & I feel like I should have it figured out by now.” Hello “Young & Lost” , You are notContinue reading “Brews & Babbles Ep. 2: Feeling Lost in Your 20’s”

Brews & Babbles Episode 1: Ugh, I’m Looking So Old!

Hi! Welcome to the first episode of the Brews & Babbles series. I’ve always been intrigued by the “Ask *insert name* type of sections in magazines. And I wanted to put my inspired twist to it on my blog. I love the idea of answering your questions of a wide range of lifestyle topics inContinue reading “Brews & Babbles Episode 1: Ugh, I’m Looking So Old!”


Hi everyone 👋🏻 You are probably thinking, why are you posting on a Saturday & why isn’t it Blogmas related? Well, I wanted to announce a new series coming to my blog in 2021: BREWS & BABBLES with Bee. Need Advice? Send me your questions / concerns to my email at with the Subject:Continue reading “BREWS & BABBLES: NEW SERIES”

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