Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move

Have you ever had those moments where you are having a conversation with a friend or family member & you are so excited to let them in on your latest achievement or new venture & the next thing out of their mouth isn’t a “congratulations” or a “well done” but  a , “so then, what’sContinue reading “Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move”

Why Gratitude Is So Important & 500 Followers!?

It’s the day after Thanksgiving (if you live in the US) & typically it’s a day to be thankful & blessed for the life you have. I believe you should have this sense of gratitude everyday. Why? Because once I shifted my mindset to a more grateful one, I saw my life in a moreContinue reading “Why Gratitude Is So Important & 500 Followers!?”

The Toxicity of Influencer Culture

The average American throws away 65 pounds of clothing per year. There is this constant urge for MORE and NEW where it just becomes an endless cycle of overconsumption. And with the age of social media & influencers, this trend isn’t leaving us anytime soon. If I was younger in this generation, I’d be aContinue reading “The Toxicity of Influencer Culture”

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