5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems

It’s human nature to have problems. Honestly, it wouldn’t be living without them. Whether its a dent in our routine, a habit we can’t break or some existential crisis, there are usually no quick fixes. And you definitely don’t want to catch yourself numbing those issues with external distractions. Advertisers would tell you otherwise. ButContinue reading “5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems”

Messy To Minimal Ep. 3: Kitchen Declutter & 10 Things You Can Declutter Today

It has come time in the series to tackle an area of the house that holds the most clutter. As minimalistic as I try to be, the kitchen will always be my nemeses. haha! Our pantry is stocked. Cabinets & drawers are filled.There always seems to be dishes in the sink. There is no emptyContinue reading “Messy To Minimal Ep. 3: Kitchen Declutter & 10 Things You Can Declutter Today”

How I Boosted My Confidence During A Pandemic Year

I think we all can relate that this past year has been quite the mood. I went from having some what of a fashion sense to primarily sporting comfy joggers & athleisure wear & being bare faced / no makeup even when I left the house. Old me could never! And honestly, even though IContinue reading “How I Boosted My Confidence During A Pandemic Year”

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