I Don’t Want to Be A Minimalist Anymore

This realization happened all because I broke my only pair of flip flops in the middle of a liquor store. I had to embarrassedly limp my way out the door & into the car while I waited for my fiance to bring out our fall ciders. That’s right – I’m sick of only owning one of something & then feeling deprived because I have no back up plan. I think I’m over being a minimalist.

Is Less Truly More?

I’m not here to bash the minimalist community or beleive intentional living is old news necessarily. But I do think the lifestyle should be defined individually. I have talked about how minimalism isn’t one size fits all & I still stand by that blog post. I think it’s unfair to set such narrow guidelines to a lifestyle that is supposed to make you feel more free. You shouldn’t have to count everything you own & limit yourself to x amount of items. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t own more than one pair of flip flop. And if you enjoy something, like books, you should be allowed to have a shelf filled with beautiful covers – or not so beautiful ones. They do tell us not to judge.

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I Still Believe Experiences Are Where It’s At

If someone were to ask me, “what would you rather have – a trip to Europe or this luxury handbag?” Honestly – I’d say, “why not both? because we should be looking our best during these adventures, right? But if I HAD to choose one, I’d go with the Eurotrip any day because experiences are what make our lives worth while. I’d much rather brag [ or humbly explain ] my travels over what I keep in my wardrobe. Most days, I choose a $5 t-shirt from Target over the more expensive alternative. I’m a simple gal with some things but I also like to feel like a queen in other times. It’s called balance.

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I Just Don’t Like Labels

Not to sound like a cliche or one of those annoying influencers with the squeaky voices who say, “oh my gosh, I just don’t like labels, ok?” But – I just don’t like them. OK? I think labels feel like crutches and prevent us from being our best selves. And in terms of lifestyle, I’d rather be myself then say I’m a minimalist. In a lot of ways, I’m not. My walls have tons of photos & art, my shelves hold nick nacks that showcase my personality & I love experimenting with makeup & fashion – so my closet is PRETTY full. Sure, I still love a decluttering session any day & I won’t keep things just to keep them. I try to be smart with my money & have learned to not impulsively shop. I still believe less is always more. I just think there is a lot of grey areas with that statement.

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To Niche or Not To Niche: That is The Question

This brings me to question the future of my blog. If you’ve been following me from the beginning, you will know I started with a narrowed niche of minimalism. I always promoted myself as this minimalist lifestyle blogger with the tagline: living with less gave me more to live for. Basically, I want to keep the tagline because it’s catchy as shit. But I want to be more of a general lifestyle blogger. Having a very broad niche as a lifestyle blogger will allow myself to write about whatever I want. I may be kicking myself in the foot for choosing such a saturated niche, but oh well. I’ll still be sharing decluttering tips & even intentional living conversations, but I also want to share other things like my favorite books, or places I’ve been lately. Blogtober taught me how fun writing is when you free yourself to other topics. And although the challenge is over, I want to continue that mindset.

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I hope you enjoy the new me & stick around.


75 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be A Minimalist Anymore

    1. Living with less taught you what is important to you. If that means 4 pair of flip flops, a drawer full of make up, or a collection of anything; it is important to you. The idea was to have what brings you joy and peace. If 25 eye shadow choices does that, go you. I look forward to reading how you define minimalist for you.

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      1. Do what makes YOU happy. Also, I have a smaller amount of followers due to starting over and because I don’t have a specific niche. I like having a broader range of things to post about unlike before.

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  1. Oh, I would be so annoyed if my only pair of flip flops broke. But you can definitely made your blog more broader so that why you can write more topics. I mean, your target audience would stay the same. So, sorry you had to go through that.

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  2. When I tell you I was SO excited that this post was finally out! You make such excellent points. I’ve tried minimalism before but I think I’m just too sentimental… But it’s definitely possible to walk the line between keeping things that you need or that make you feel happy, and needless clutter. I love my books, I can’t imagine getting rid of them. I read a theory once that said minimalism is for rich people looking for comfort in the fact that having a lot of “stuff” can’t buy you happiness. Which is true. But some of us are just really into knick-knacks! πŸ˜‚

    Can’t wait to see what amazing things you do with the blog going forward, Bee. Happy for you!

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  3. I like this.. I had a similar thing happen with a pair of sandals and it sucked. It’s ok to be moderate and not all or nothing I’ve been learning over the years πŸ™‚ Great post!

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  4. I agree with you. There is nothing wrong with waiting both the handbag and the trip. I personally know I would want both myself. This is what I love about blogging, if you want to change your niche or write about anything you want you can. I think their is nothing wrong with branching out and writing about whatever you want.

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  5. This is a beautiful article. I don’t like labels either (say what you will about that). I don’t buy the “less is more” blanket that people like to throw on everything because like you said, there are so many gray areas. Sometimes less is more but sometimes less is just less. For example: less flipflops was less flipflops when your only flipflop broke. It certainly was not more. I hope you find freedom and a sense of peace from this new approach. The sad reality is though – and I know this from personal experience – because most people define themselves by labels, you might have a difficult time connecting with people when they ask you for your label and you don’t have one to present. But I can tell you this also, it’s incredibly freeing to just be!

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    1. thank you for the detailed comment! πŸ™‚ that’s so true about less just being less sometimes. right – i think labels are sometimes still needed especially for society’s sake. but i like to think if you take the label route, you don’t have to be just one thing. humans are complex and we have lots of layers. we can have many labels. we just have the freedom to choose what those are.


  6. This is so wonderful to hear β€˜B.’ Stay true to your passion while being open to expand your writing. I love that you recognize that you can include so much more on your blog. This is growth. It will be great to read more on the other topics you begin to write about. Thank you so much for sharing and being an example of broadening yourself while staying true to who you are. ❀️

    Pastor Natalie πŸ€—

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  7. I agree that labels suck. I watched so many videos on minimalism and they left me feeling so guilty! …But why should we feel guilty if our belongings actually bring us joy? It’s such a weird thing. I hope you find your peace and freedom in the lifestyle blogosphere πŸ™‚ x

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    1. there is a sense of guilt through certain minimalism videos aren’t there? i agree. i think the main focus is joy and so if we like our belongings, we should have them. period.
      i think this new path with blogging will def bring me lots of happiness and i hope my readers will feel the same.


  8. Yes to this! Why must we label and restrict ourselves? Life’s too short for that! I love that you’re exploring other topics for your blog because I feel when you restrict to one thing only there comes a time when you don’t know what to write anymore. Thank you for sharing. I completely agree with you!

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  9. Yeah I get it. one thing that I didn’t get is how minimalists say that you should own just one of something, or just a few. I mean I’ve seen pictures of someone I know who is a minimalist and managed to downscale her kitchen plates & bowls so she literally owns one bowl, one plate.. it sounds simple enough but at the same time that is A LOT of washing.
    as you say , we should definitely not be consumed by labels. everyone is different and everyone has a different perspective of minimalism and that ought to be okay. — that should be okay.
    good for you for expanding your niche.. but try not to broaden it too, too much.. I think that if the niche is too broad then it might be harder to target a specific demographic

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    1. yes! exactly. hahaha sometimes owning just one of something or a certain number of something is just not practical. most videos i watch of minimalists are single people without children. i know for a fact, when i have a family, i’m going to own a lot more than just a few plates LOL.

      like you said – everyone is different and we all need to just decide for ourselves what works for our lifestyles.

      you are right about broadening too much. i will def keep that in mind.


  10. oh my gosh, I thoroughly love the honesty of this post! And I couldn’t agree more that the definition of minimalism can definitely be a sliding scale. IT’S CALLED BALANCE! lol! As far as the niche thing goes, I like a well rounded blog, myself.πŸ˜‰β€β€

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  11. I love this! I am a simple gal, too, but there are some things I just love and don’t mind having a lot of (books, blankets, dogs 🀣). Looking forward to your blog changes.

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  12. I LOVE and completely agree with what you said about not liking labels. I feel like labels start subconsciously influencing our decisions and we stop making individual choices. Any lifestyle choice should come from within and I think that labels take away the essence of that.

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  13. I can’t imagine living with only one of something. Where is the variety in that? I’d much prefer to bulk buy store and store it so I have plenty of backups while not having to worry about it again for a long time

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  14. Oh I’m sorry your flip flops broke in the store! I do think there are some good aspects of minimalism, but like you said, I want to have things that bring me joy such as a shelf full of books or makeup to play around with.
    I would pick experiences over material items as well, but it would be nice to have a bit of both.
    When I first started blogging, I mainly just wrote about beauty, but it got boring rather quick. Now I consider myself a lifestyle blogger & I’m so much happier because I can blog about any topic

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  15. Totally feel ya! I have never been a ‘minimalist’, but I am a person who believes in regular decluttering and do I love empty space? Yes! For me, ‘minimalism’ simply means using everything I have.

    I too do not enjoy labels; you can label an idea but not the way people apply it to their lives. I love that you are expanding out into what you believe in. It is brave to share your experience here; I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the future posts you will share as your voice is what will help you stand out, even in a saturated niche.
    May the words flow!

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  16. Minimalism is 100% a personal, individualistic choice. There’s a lot I personally love about minimalism and identify with, but there are definitely parts I totally disagree with. Minimalism varies so much from person to person, so I can see it as hard to label yourself as a minimalist. Also, as someone who’s branched out into lifestyle, maybe stick to a few niches under lifestyle like book reviews, traveling, etc. I hope that helps you a little!

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  17. I think living simply is where I’m at (or working towards it) and that would still fit in with your niche as there is so much to learn about it all. I tend to like have back-ups of things but not for everything as I have such a limited space at home. It’s interesting to read about your change of heart as there are pros and cons to everything.

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  18. Even I have more than one pair of flipflops! Haha. I really enjoyed reading your post. As you say, everyone has a different view of what minimalism means to them and whether you choose to have a label or not, you know yourself that you’re living your life with intention and exactly how you want to live it, that’s the main thing! I’m excited to see what you write about in the future! πŸ™‚

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  19. I agree as you said that you need to find your own balance and definition of being minimalist, i don’t think it really needs to mean to only own one pair of flip flops, but to appreciate more what you have and adventure and memories x

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  20. These are all excellent points! I feel like in the beginning it sounds like a great approach to life but to many, like myself, minimalism is not all that it is cut out to be and that’s ok. Although being intentional in what one buys is a great way to still be a bit minimalist without having to do all of it.

    Thanks for sharing your experience

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  21. I’m sorry you had to go through that embarrassing experience, Brittany. Like you, I am a simple person. I was not raised to be materialistic, but I’m also not a ‘minimalist.’ It’s good to have options and backups especially during emergencies. And I agree, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from being free in your life and your blog. Go for it!

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