Youtubers To Watch During Halloween

One of my favorite things to do to get in the spooky spirit, is to watch Halloween themed or scary content during the month of October. I’ve mentioned a few movies & tv shows to check out which you can read about here. But one of my favorite platforms is Youtube & believe it or not creators sometimes do their own versions of Blogtober in video form. From sharing urban legends, going ghost hunting in local haunted spots, sharing fall favorites or even true crime documentaries ; here’s a list of my favorite youtubers to watch during Halloween season:

Hailey Reese’s 31 Days of Halloween

For the last couple of years, Hailey has posted videos every single day through Halloween all pertaining to the spooky holiday. She herself has experienced her fair share of paranormal experiences which makes her content even more fascinating. She has visited haunted locations primarily in the Canada area, as well as share her own personal paranormal experiences from babysitting in haunted homes as well as her haunted childhood home.

Loey Lane

Loey Lane is another youtuber who I discovered through Hailey Reese’s videos. She does similar content sharing her thoughts on the paranormal, urban legends & most recently the scary side to Tiktok, which are short videos of ghost encounters. She has also followed along & did commentary on a few viral video series like Dear David & Ashvlogs which will be sure to give you the heebie jeebies.

Shane Dawson

Shane is one of my all time favorite content creators. I enjoy all his conspiracy theory videos & his old ghost hunting videos from 2017-2018. He has visited places like The Stanley Hotel & The Queen Mary. His vlogs are so entertaining to watch & are perfect for Halloween. And on a non-spooky season route, him & Ryland moved from California to Colorado & their moving vlogs have been very entertaining. After a year long hiatus, Shane Dawson is back with a three part series called The Haunting of Shane Dawson Series which is perfect for the spooky season.

Kendall Rae

Kendall discusses unsolved mystery cases, missing persons, conspiracy theories & haunted stories. I love the way she goes into detail on each case & is just the perfect story teller. If you are looking to gain insight on any true crime case, always check to see if she has a video on it. You will sure get the rundown from her channel. She recently covered the Gabbie Petito case. ❤️

Mackie & Amanda

This channel is a recent discovery. Their channel was on the recommendation page of Youtube & I saw they do a yearly Spooktober challenge. I’ve been loving their ghost hunting videos & watching them explore haunted areas. I particularly love how they include brief histories of the locations & people they explore. Whether you believe these videos to be fake or not, I still think they are so fun to watch during spooky season.

Do you have any favorite youtubers who does Halloween themed content?


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