How Much Should We Actually Share Online As Bloggers?

Our world pretty much revolves around technology & the internet whether we like it or not. And for me, I’ve been the more conflicted type of person loving the concept of sharing your life to the world through social media to kind of wanting to go back to the early 90’s when it was less of a thing. And as a blogger, I’ve talked about how without social media, we’d be kind of at a loss but also believing we don’t need every bit of it. So today, I’m posing the question, “how much is too much when it comes to sharing online?” Is it better to be more vulnerable & open or rather more closed off & private? Where do you fit on the pendulum?

I’ve kind of always been more of a private person in my personal life. Being vulnerable & speaking up has been a struggle of mine for a while & anytime I do decide to go out of my comfort zone of oversharing, I regret it. It’s funny because some people will tell you being an open book is better with developing solid relationships while others think saying too much could scare them off. I’ve always been careful not to be a burden to anyone. But it’s a damned if you do & damned if you don’t type of confliction. And with this mental battle, I try to find a healthy medium. Sharing enough to stay authentic but not too much where you may worry people. Being protective of your secrets & thoughts but not being so closed off you feel alone.

And when it comes to my online presence & digital persona, the struggle of finding that healthy balance is so evident. In my personal life, I couldn’t even handle the effort needed to keep up with my social media presence. And when I ventured back to it for blogging, I couldn’t decide what to share with complete strangers (no offense). Honestly, I still am conflicted. I choose to post Canva made images instead of personal photos to maintain privacy. But then I think that’s too boring. I guess I’m just curious if other bloggers go through these similar challenges. To any reader who has stumbled upon this post, I’ll leave you with some things to consider before you press publish or share:

A Few Things To Consider Before You Share Anything:

Ask yourself, “would you care if this ended up on the front page of a newspaper or website?”
“how would this image or information benefit someone else?”
“does this reflect how I want to be seen?”
If it’s of other people, “did I ask permission to share their photo or information?”

What are your thoughts on privacy in the digital world?


38 thoughts on “How Much Should We Actually Share Online As Bloggers?

  1. This is such a massive topic, especially for kids. We need to teach them about this and remind them constantly of its dangers. I have seen people I know actually diss their employers online. I feel much more free to share personal stuff now that I’ve retired. Working in the public eye means checking yourself constantly for what you say or show. Act professional and remember your clientele is watching.

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  2. I am actually a very private person. I really don’t share much online but that isn’t so different from my personal life either. I have just recently started opening up about my anxiety on my blog which I really don’t think will create any problems. I also don’t use my real name just for the sake of privacy. I feel better that way. I love my pen name and I am able to share anything that I want online.

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    1. i think the great part of being a blogger is we are the boss to our sites. we have the right to share what we want as long as well feel comfortable. i think it’s very honorable of you for speaking on such topics with your readers. there need to be advocates in this world.
      plus, pen names are ALL the rage 🙂


  3. This is such a good post that makes you think! I’m a very open book and don’t mind showing my vulnerability as I hope it helps others to speak up about certain matters too! I’ll talk about absolutely everything! I’ve defo learned not to talk about where I am for the day until I’m back home as you never know if a weirdo is following you on social media 🤣.

    I was on a tv programme once and I have a couple of followers that message me daily and it was a couple years back now so you never know 👀.

    I feel like share what you deem to be right for you xx

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  4. I prefer to be open and share a lot about myself, but only the things I want people to know. I use all my experience with mental health to help others and feel this is best done from a first-person perspective. If one of my posts appeared in the headlines, I wouldn’t be concerned.

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  5. It is really a good question in this times, mostly we share way to lightly too much online, never thinking about that everyone can see it or even use it and not only in good ways… this post is a great reminder overall, thanks for sharing it.

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  6. I feel so conflicted when it comes to sharing things online. As a mum I want to protect my daughters and not show much of them online, however as a woman I want to share my experiences and hopefully help others in a similar position to myself. I often question before posting things, is this what my children would want to see and feel at this stage I’ve managed to secure the correct balance. Thank you for sharing and opening up such an important conversation.


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  7. I honestly do the same thing – I share mostly Canva-made graphics on all my social media channels with the occasional photo thrown in here and there. I think you should do what makes you most comfortable.

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  8. Strangely, when it comes to sharing personal information, I haven’t really thought about this. I’m definitely sensitive to sharing things about others that would make them uncomfortable, but I’m personally less pressed. I try to avoid a constant “highlight reel,” so I’m generally pretty open if I’m struggling with something. BUT I’m never put off or bored by bloggers who keep things more private! All personal preference. This post will definitely have me thinking. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. I’m a pretty reserved person who weighs the other person and opens up. I too feel inclined to use my real image in WP but I’m afraid as the things which I’m able to speak freely now they may not be possible once my identity is disclosed as being anonymous does have a lot of perks. I can let out my inhibitions and dears without worrying about being judged

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  10. Well written B! I think it’s a personal choice of what you’re comfortable sharing. And that level if confortability can change throughout your blogging journey or social media presence and that’s OK. No matter how much or how little we share, someone is always going to have something to say about it! As long as you are true to yourself you can’t go wrong.

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  11. Great post and such an important topic.

    My blog is annoymous and I only share limited photos, but I think my writing is honest & authentic.

    Who knows, maybe one day I will show more of myself, but for now this way it is suits me.


  12. Yep, you pretty much covered it! As a blogger, everything we write will be available for the world to see. But we also have the power to choose what we want to reveal to the world. I liked your questions at the end too; they make a good checklist for whether or not to include certain photos in a post!

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  13. Very good question – I show enough of myself online for people to know who I am, but never really personal stuff/ too many pictures of my house or where I live etc!
    Amy x

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  14. I like the question “does this reflect how I want to be scene?” So true when your posting anything online you have to be careful why you share. I have deleted so many tweets photos etc. I now really try to think before I post anything online.

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  15. It really is tricky to navigate how much to share especially when you are blogger. My rule of thumb is, would I be okay with a potential employer reading and seeing this? This is very helpful especially with the context of photos and captions. I also try not to share anything that is happening in the moment for privacy reasons.

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