Travel Guide | Spooky Edition

I’m all about experiences & find it’s the most worthwhile way to spend money. So, of course I thought it be a great idea to share a few spooky-esque places I’d love to visit this time of year.

Mystic Falls

Where are my Vampire Diary Fans? If you are just as much a die hard fan as I am, you need to visit Mystic Falls located in Covington, GA. I’ve never been but want to visit & take photos here so badly. You can take a tour of all the popular spots including the famous clock tower, the cemetary, Elena Gilbert’s House, The Lockwood Mansion & so much more. You can even eat lunch at Mystic Grill. Are you team Damon or team Stefan?

Halloween Town

Located in Helen’s OR, you can live out your Disney channel dream of visiting the fictional town of Halloween Town. I personally was a little too old to enjoy the movie, but this town screams Halloween. With its giant Jack -O-Lantern front & center as you enter, to the naturally beautiful foliage, this place is perfect for a Halloween themed photo-op. The town hosts parades, costume contest & has the cutest gift shop during the Halloween season.

Universal Studios, Florida

In 2016, we went to Harry Potter World for the first time & it was so magical. I’d love to return during Halloween season to visit the wizarding world as well as see Halloween Horror Nights. This is a nightly parade of sorts during the month of October where performers dress in their scariest & more intricate attire & try to scare visitors. I’d also love to visit Disney World itself during this time of year because it’s always so magical & fun there.

The Murder House From AHS

American Horror Story is another favorite of mine especially season 1: Murder House. You can actually go visit / take a tour of the house in Los Angeles, California. It’s more so one of those quick stops, take a photo & leave type of deal. But if you are already in California during October, it’s something to see if you are a fan of the show.


23 thoughts on “Travel Guide | Spooky Edition

  1. TVD fan here, and yes, I’m team Damon! Actually, I’m more of an Originals fan to be honest, and very torn between Klaus and Elijah πŸ™‚ Lovely suggestions, I hope I can make it to Mystic Falls and New Orleans some day!

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  2. oh wow Halloweentown sounds amazing!! I loved that movie.. and I don’t think I was too old when it first came out. I mean I know I am a few years older than you & I think I was like 10 when it came out & I used to long to visit a real life halloweentown — didn’t know there really was one lol

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