How I Take Care of My Own Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day. We’ve had some troubling times these last few years, 2020 being the most isolating due to a global pandemic which still blows my mind we as a society had to endure such an experience. And to this day we are STILL battling this silent killer. And this among so many other obstacles has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health. I’m someone who strongly advocates the breaking of these mental stigmas & allowing open discussion & vulnerability of such topics because we are not alone in this. On some level, we have all dealt with some form of mental struggle. Now, as I share the ways I myself combat mental health today, I know what I share is merely opinion. Everyone handles their struggles & mental health differently. So, please have respect over my truth & show compassion & open discussion in the comments. Here’s How I Take Care of My Own Mental Health:

I Stick To My Priorities

It’s so easy to think we have superpower mentality & we can juggle tons & tons of responsibilities without blinking an eye. This is where you need to shift your mindset & realize you can’t make EVERYTHING have importance. Otherwise, nothing would be. Not to mention if you are anything like me, you will lead to burn out really quickly. Instead, listen to your gut & determine your priorities. Don’t base your decision too hard on other people as well. It’s helpful to get different perspectives but when does it cross the line from being caring versus obnoxious? You don’t want to get to a place where you aren’t being your truest self. When I always veer off to a direction that is totally not me, my stress levels get high & my gut reminds me I’m not being myself. Don’t confuse going out of your comfort zone with inauthenticity.

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Naps Are My Best Friend

If I was a Disney princess, I’d sure as hell be Sleeping Beauty because I love & NEED my sleep. There are times where I question if I’m actually tired or am I depressed? Could be both if I’m going to be honest. But a lot of times it is due to the fact I get exhausted easily. I’m an extroverted introvert who needs a full three day recovery period after a huge social gathering. Anytime I’m overwhelmed or my mind won’t shut up, I take a little nap. I’d much rather sleep out my frustrations or moods. And for me, as soon as I get that proper beautyrest, I am able to handle situations or tasks way easier.

I Follow The Motto “My Peace Is More Important”

I’m guilty of allowing my energy to be sucked up by less deserving circumstances whether it be unnecessary drama, worries that will eventually sort themselves out or even unsolicited advice or comments from others. Sometimes it’s simply easier to just say, “my peace is more important” & move on. To protect my mental health, I’ve had to equally protect my energy because not everyone is deserving of said energy, time & even personality. I’ve fallen into the habit of only showcasing my personality & best sides to the best people. So, if I’m “shy” around you, chances are I just don’t like you.

I Write It Down

Obviously the writer would have writing bought down as an option. But seriously, reflecting on my past, present & future or even gratitude has benefited my mental health tremendously. Anytime I need to vent, I’ll just get a piece of paper & start scribbling away. I usually shred it right after. But the process of getting those feelings out of my brain & onto another medium makes me feel so much better. And if you are looking to focus on the positive aspects of life, I 100% recommend a gratitude journal.

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Protecting & taking care of your mental wellbeing is so important & needs to be a step in your self care routine at this point. What are some ways you maintain proper mental health? And again, Happy World Mental Health Day. Be sure to take some time for yourself today & everyday!


43 thoughts on “How I Take Care of My Own Mental Health

  1. These are great ways of taking care of your mental health. I also make sure that my priorities are right – I genuinely think it’s somethig that makes the biggest difference in your life. Thanks for covering such an important topic!

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  2. Great tips!!! Mental health is so important! Besides writing out your feelings, I love your peace is more important motto. It reminds me of when I see a negative comment on YouTube. I can choose to let it bother me or choose to ignore it.

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      1. Exactly, it’s not worth it letting negative comments take over your life.

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  3. I look after my own mental health by giving myself quiet time every morning to write, by going outside every day for a nature walk, and by napping every afternoon. I have always napped, ever since my university days. It allows me to reset and be more productive in the evening.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this post. Its so important and will help others.

    I get burn out so easily and I prioritise naps now, just to recharge. Also love journaling and writing for the blog.

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  5. Your motto is so powerful. It’s simple yet packed full of focus and unapologetic boundaries. I think we should have something like this is our mental health toolkit as it is so effective at cutting out anything that doesn’t look after our well-being. Thanks for sharing these tips — I will have to take a look at how I take care of my emotional health.

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  6. I loved this! Thank you for sharing how you take care of your own mental health and like you said everyone does so differently but we actually have a few things in common. I also, need naps. Even before I got pregnant I usually napped once a day. And if I’m going through a depression episode then I’m napping even more. Journaling is everything to me. I write down everything, especially my prayers. And I love looking back at what I’ve written and seeing what I was able to accomplish because I also write down my goals.

    “So, if I’m “shy” around you, chances are I just don’t like you.” Haha LOVE your honesty! LOL

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  7. This is a great post and we share many things in common. I also love to journal and always prioritize myself. Mental health is so important and while taking care of it varies from person to person, it’s still important to educate others.

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  8. I always bounce around with what my favorite mental health activity is, but right now it’s definitely journaling! I actually started it for fun because I wanted to document what’s going on in this stage of my life, but it doubles as having somewhere to write everything I’m feeling and lift some weight off my shoulders! Great post 🙂

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