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As I was brainstorming content, I came across a post from Kelly Diane Report who shared The Blogtober Tag where you answer Halloween themed questions. I decided why not do this myself in today’s blog post. Let’s get into the spooky questions…

What is your favorite scent

When I think about fall, my mind always go to the scent of the Leaves candle by Bath & Bodyworks. Even though I don’t own it anymore, the smell has been engraved in my memory. It’s descriptions shares it’s a mix of crisp red apples, golden nectar & warm clove spice.

Do you prefer pumpkin pie or apple pie?

I’m a huge fan of apple pie, especially when it’s warm & added with some vanilla bean ice cream

What is one autumn tradition you have?

When I was younger, we would go to a local farm in the area & go to the pumpkin patch to choose the pumpkin we were going to carve. I still sometimes go to the same farm for nostalgia sake & enjoy the views & food. Other “traditions” would be watching Hocus Pocus every year or drink apple cider.

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What are you most excited about in fall?

I love the way the leaves change color. When I take walks, it’s nice to admire the scenic foliage & I’m grateful for living in an area that has a change of seasons. But I also love all the activities we do during fall including The Renaissance Festival, wine tasting events, Octoberfest & Halloween events. Of course, we haven’t gotten to do those types of large gatherings in a while because of the pandemic, but I’m hoping we can do some of those activities this year.

What is your favorite scary movie?

I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies, however I do enjoy a true crime documentary. I guess you could say prefer the real life stories over folklore. But my biggest memory was watching The Ring when I was in middle school & to this day find that girl with the long black hair to be scary as hell. I definitely thought she’d come out of my tv at night when I was younger.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – & usually we don’t give these out to trick or treaters anymore because of peanut allergies…so, more for me!

Favorite pumpkin spice flavored thing

Yes, I’m another one of those basic bitches who loves anything pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, drinks etc…

What is your warmest fall memory?

Sitting under this maple tree we had in the front yard when I was growing up. I’d sit under their & read books for hours. But also one year, my family threw me a Halloween slumber party with 20 of my friends from private school. We had bobbing for apples, dancing, pumpkin painting & the entire house was decorated perfectly for Halloween. It’s the reason why I love the holiday so much.

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What is your favorite autumn must have?

A quality oversized sweater comes to mind for sure because I love staying cozy this time of year. I’m definitely going to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe.

Instead of tagging a group of bloggers, I’m leaving it open to whoever wants to participate. This was a fun Q&A to do for Blogtober & a great addition to the lineup if you are looking for posts to write about. See you all tomorrow!

be sure to check out yesterday’s blogtober post here: What To Watch This October


38 thoughts on “The Blogtober Tag

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING! So don’t feel ashamed because you like what you like 😂. (I’d say this even if I didn’t like pumpkin spice btw.)

    I used to get pumpkin spice Frappuccino with a couple pumps of hazelnut syrup. But since they’re having some sort of nationwide hazelnut syrup shortage (which I’m very confused about), I’ve had to get pumpkin spice Frappuccino with other syrups that aren’t as fun.

    I actually considered buying my own hazelnut syrup, bringing it to them, and asking them to add it in while they make my drink.

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  2. Mmm cider!

    I love that you used to go to a local farm to choose a pumpkin to carve. I never did that as a kid, neither picking out pumpkins or carving them. It wasn’t a couple of years ago (I was maybe 28) when I carved my first pumpkin. Very badly, but it was great fun!

    The Ring was definitely creepy. I loved that.

    I really enjoyed reading your tag answers. I’m grumpy at being so, so cold already as we had a miserable “summer” here so this made me a little less miserable about autumn hitting me in the face!

    Caz xx

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    1. that’s so interesting you carved pumpkins that late. i guess it’s not a tradition for every family. but yes it is quite messy but fun!

      glad you enjoyed reading the questions. if you are interested, i’d love it if you also did this tag. i’d love to read your answers to the questions.

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  3. I’ve only just discovered this tag, and it seems so much fun! A great way to connect with other bloggers and share a bit about yourself.

    Your Autumn tradition sounds absolutely lovely, especially visiting the pumpkin patch. I love the changing Autumn colours as well. I am with you on the oversized jumper! I am so excited that I can wear mine again.

    Thank you for sharing! This was so much fun to read. 🍂🎃😊

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  4. I loved reading your answers to these! I’m definitely an apple pie girl myself too 🙂
    And that picture of the girl from the Ring just brought back scary memories! I remember another scary movie that still sticks with me – The Grudge – had images of that girl for so long after watching it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love these so much, and we’ve both found different ones! (Probably shouldn’t add another one… right?)
    I always think tags are a great way to get to know bloggers in a different way to “normal” content.
    Thanks for sharing!

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