Bloggers That Have Been Mood Boosters & That I Love

I’ve been going through a lot of things lately & life has proven itself to be quite the emotional rollercoaster. But since I am a strong cookie & optimist, I’ve been finding joy in the simple things like listening to podcasts during my workouts & reading other’s blog posts during my down time. It’s been a proper escape from reality & of course I love supporting my other creative souls in the community. So, today I wanted to change things up & share an appreciation post to a few bloggers who have silently been my rock during such trying times.

Lauren Elizabeth / MOOD PODCAST

The term mood booster is inspired by the lovely Lauren Elizabeth & her amazing mental health / self growth podcast called MOOD. If you are unfamiliar with this gem, Lauren is a content creator on Youtube, podcaster & blogger who I’ve been watching for years. There are just some people online you resonate with & although you’ve never met in person, you just click with. Her authenticity speaks volumes & I think we all need a bit more of that realness in our lives especially on social media.

Olivia Lucie Blake

Olivia, my UK blogging sister is one of the purest, kindest & realest souls I’ve connected with in this community. Your tweets crack me up even on days I think I have no laughter left in me. I truly hope we can meet up in person one day, but if we don’t manage this, just know you are a REAL ONE. Not only are you an amazing blogger & write such inspiring & helpful content, but the way you connect with your audience shines through. There isn’t a single post I don’t find inspiration from. Recently, she has been on a healthy lifestyle journey & is killing it btw. You can read an update on this here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being that person I can message randomly & just talk about life & have a blog I can read regularly to escape the realities of life.

Diana of Inspiring Positivity

Diana, one of many people who make Twitter 10x more entertaining & positive. Her tweets scream authenticity. She tells it like it is & shares some of the most profound statements. Check out her tweets here. I also strongly appreciate she is a night owl like yours truly, so even at the odd hours of the night I always know she will come through with the content. Not only this, but as a blogger she is so incredibly hard working. She is currently taking some blogging courses to up her game & honestly she is amazing already so just you wait until she returns with this knowledge under her belt. One of my favorite posts from her is How To Live a Happier Life . I love her overall message of positivity & finding the joys in life. Especially during tough times when you think life is just messing with you, it’s refreshing to read her posts & know it’s not always going to be this bad. So, thank you for being that light recently. I appreciate you.

Victoria St. Michael

Victoria, my Canadian queen! First & foremost, let me congratulate you on your book getting published! You can read all about that here. And to have it be published through a LGBTQIA+ friendly publisher is another achievement in itself because as you said in your post, representation in media is so important not only for pride month but every single day of the year & years to come. Congrats all around!! Let me just say, your personality shines through your comments & messages. Your reaction to when I sent you my engagement video put a huge smile on my face & cracked me up. Thank you so much for supporting me & being so proud & genuinely happy to your fellow internet friend. You make being a part of this writing community so much fun.

Riyah Speaks

Riyah, the self care queen! Your daily Instagram check in’s / stories make my day. You are like that friend who makes sure everyone is on the right track of taking care of yourself & honoring your worth. Thanks for reminders to rest & to drink water (because I’m guilty of forgetting sometimes). I also like to acknowledge the fact I love how you make time to make these story videos during your daily commutes on the subway. True New Yorkers know how to grind & multitask. Haha! I enjoy reading your blog posts regularly as it encourages me to put myself first sometimes & incorporate some me time into my routines. Self care is so important & something we all tend to forget especially when times get hectic. Thanks so much for grounding me & reiterating the fact we need to always remember to take care of ourselves too.

Emily of Restless I Roam

Emily is my favorite person to follow on Twitter hands down. Her tweets provide me entertainment, laughter & wit all day everyday. This led me to check out her blog which also showcases her lovely personality. If you can spot a trend, I love following real, authentic people. And she is 100% this. Not to mention she is so artistic & advocates for body positivity. I mean, shall we call her perfect? I think so. Check out her self love coloring book here.

I truly hope you check out all these wonderful ladies! I feel like I could go on & on with even more creators, but for today I will stick with these. This is a reminder to us all whether you are going through it or not, you can always find something to brighten up your day. Lately, it’s been these six people right here. I wanted to make this appreciation post because I feel like we all tend to have people we watch or read that have impacted our lives in some way but we never really speak on it or outwardly show our admiration. Just remember a person’s like on a post, a share on social media or even a comment may just seem like a little statement. But know sometimes, it can mean so much more to the reader / supporter. As creators we are making differences in the world whether it’s big or small. And know, you have done the same for me.

Take care of yourselves.


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15 thoughts on “Bloggers That Have Been Mood Boosters & That I Love

  1. Olivia is a great blogger, I agree! She provides so many blogging tips and also some other great life advices and I absolutely love her blog!
    I will check out the others for sure, great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post was absolutely lovely to read, and it is heartwarming to hear that you’ve found a solid support system in the form of other bloggers. 😊

    I already follow most of these wonderful people, and as you say, they are great creators to follow.

    This was lovely to read; thank you for sharing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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