Places That Spark Joy in Maryland According to a Marylander [Collaboration]

This post is in collaboration with quite a few other bloggers in the community. I will have all of them listed at the end of the post, so be sure to check out their blogs as well as their collaborated post. We wanted to showcase a few places we love in our areas to provide travel inspiration to our readers. I don’t know about you, but ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve had the itch to travel so badly & I can’t wait until I can finally do so once I’m fully vaccinated. Along with this, as a blogger, one of the best parts is connecting with creators all around the world. We wanted to use this opportunity to share more about ourselves & connect more with our readers.

This is the first time I’ve been the most open about myself (the writer of Mind Beauty Simplicity) but if you are unaware, I am writing from the East Coast of the United States, specifically the state of Maryland. As a Marylander, I love steamed crabs, say the word “crown” instead of crayon & Old Bay seasoning runs through my veins. In today’s blog post I will be sharing with you a few hot spots I love to venture to in my area & hopefully inspire you to visit good old “little America” in the future. Let’s get into it, hon! 

So, the reason Maryland is known as “little America” is because we have EVERYTHING from mountains, to lakes, to beaches & to city life all wrapped up in such a small state. And with that, I feel like I could share so many cool places with you, but I’m only going to give you my top 3 in no particular order.


My boyfriend & I spend most of our summers in Ocean City / Delaware. And when I was in college & (before the pandemic honestly), I loved going to Secrets Bar & Grill / Night Club. It sits bayside & is one of the biggest party destinations in the area. Djs & local bands perform most weekends & for people watching, it is quite the site. Just FYI, if you venture out to the bayside bar, be questionable about the water quality. But honestly, a few pain in the ass drinks in & you won’t notice a thing when walking through it. During the day, be sure to check out Seacret’s Distillery for tours & discounted drinks. International readers may even be able to order some online. 


During the height of quarantine, my boyfriend & I were becoming rather creative when it came to date nights / weekend activities. And when the weather broke, we discovered river tubing at a local park. Gunpowder Falls runs through Maryland & parts of Virginia I believe. It’s a great way to venture into nature & get fresh air. We ordered tubes off of Amazon because we plan to go even more this summer. It’s a fun activity with friends & we even bring a few snacks & beverages for the 2 mile lazy river ride. You can also hit up this area for regular hiking & sightseeing. There are tons of cool waterfalls & views to see during your walk. 


This little town has been through quite a bit the last few years. Two floods ravaged the area as it is built directly above a river. I know…poor construction decision. But this area has a huge place in my heart as it is a landmark of my hometown. It was actually featured in Gordon Ramsey’s show where they help a few small businesses reinvent themselves after the devastating floods. Unfortunately, a pandemic hit a few months after airing. Some of my favorite restaurants / small businesses of this area include The Phoenix, La Palapas & Sweet Elizabeth Jane which sells clothing & other cute accessories. I will have their links at the end of the post so you can check out & support them if you wish. Basically this area is filled with tons of small businesses & eateries & just has this cute small town vibe. One of my favorite memories is going there during the Halloween season, getting lunch & seeing all the families trick or treat. They also do ghost tours since the area is quite haunted. Let me know if you’d like me to share some of those stories closer to Halloween on the blog.

Historic Ellicott City – A Pleasant Surprise! – Old Town Crier

– B

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31 thoughts on “Places That Spark Joy in Maryland According to a Marylander [Collaboration]

  1. I love learning about new places and can’t wait for the rest of the Lockdown restrictions to be (safely) lifted to travel again! Gunpowder Falls sounds fun, especially the waterfalls and tubing.

    I am so happy to be included in the collaboration, as it is heartwarming to be involved in such a positive community. I can’t wait to read what everyone else writes as well!

    Thank you for sharing your places that spark joy in Maryland! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing a few of your favorite places in Maryland. I really enjoyed this post. I visited Ocean City beach area in the past and really loved it. Hopefully one day I can visit it again in the future. Looking forward to reading everyone’s favorite places where they live too. Excited to be a part of this collaboration. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. Having grown up in Maryland but on the southern end it was a joy to read. I’ve never vacationed to Ocean City, so I might add this to my bucket list. I have only traveled through off season. I love old towns like Ellicott City. Definitely a hidden gem in Maryland.

    Thank you for opening up and sharing your favorite places. And thank you for creating this collaboration I really enjoy connecting and learning something new about all of our blogger friends.

    xo Erica

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It sounds like you’re ready to get active this summer. Maryland looks beautiful and I like the photos you included in your post. Have fun and stay safe out there.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I have never been to Maryland so this post is making me itch to take a trip. I miss traveling in general and at this point, I would love to go anywhere, but you ensured that Maryland is definitely on my bucket list!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Loved this post, I feel like I learned so much about Maryland! I love a good lazy river – that’s such a creative date idea in covid! This is a wonderful list, and I hope to make it to Maryland one day to get some of these experiences you’ve shared.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I loved learning a bit more about Maryland. I hope someday, once it’s safe again, I can visit all the amazing places you shared.

    It was so fun being a part of this collab. It was such a delightful experience and interacting with a lovely community filled with wonderful people is so inspiring. I can’t wait to read the rest of the posts!

    Have a lovely rest of the week.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love old bay seasoning and Gunpowder Falls too! I grew up anout 30 minutes from Ocean city. While I loved it as a kid, G and I ate over the crowded beaches and boardwalk there. We have become beach snobs since travelling to several Caribbean beaches 😁


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