Shot Girl Summer: I Got The Vaccine & This Is How It Went

Yes, we are talking about it – the vaccine. I’m not here to cause a riot over whether you decide to get it or not. That’s your decision. I simply wanted to share my experience as a sentiment of the times as well as provide a bit of information to help my readers out. In the U.S. & in my particular state, you have a couple different options. You can register online & wait for a call that will send you to one of the larger sites like Six Flags America parking lot or the football stadium downtown OR you can wait a little more patiently & hope you get a slot at one of the walk in pharmacies. We wanted to pick the latter because we needed 4 for my immediate family & we wanted to TRY & go all together.

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I swear this whole ordeal has felt like a drug deal. Many people in my area were eligible to get the vaccine at larger facilities in March, but we decided to wait it out a while in hopes of getting a smoother experience with pharmacy appointments.

For reference, I am a relatively healthy 29 year old female with no underlying medical conditions or someone who takes medication regularly. I also have been blogging from home, so I haven’t had the need to go into an office of any sort. So, I knew my eligibility would be last on the totem pole. Luckily, things have been moving more quickly & people ages 16 & older were able to sign up through walk in appointments at local pharmacies. My family decided to wait as well (all ranging from different ages) for a more smooth experience. But I’m not here to share too much of my family’s personal experiences. That’s not my story to tell.


The day I received the vaccine was pretty unexpected. I was more thinking the call would come in the following week or we would have had to go with another plan because I had my doubts. All we had to go by was a pharmacist who took our cellphone numbers & told us she would call when there was an availability. So, it was kind of a shot in the dark but we were willing to try. Miraculously, the call came that Friday afternoon & the pharmacist said if we got there by 3:30pm. we’d be good to go. As soon as I found this out, I rushed out the door & drove 30 minutes to my hometown where the appointment was taking place. I was cutting it pretty close. But I made it. Once the paperwork was filled out, it was only a 10 minute wait. We all received the Pfizer vaccine. Of course, my muscle had to jump as I was getting it, which would cause for more soreness down the road. But we will get to that. Overall, the entire appointment was smooth sailing & I was out of there in no time.


Initially, on the drive home I had this spout of adrenaline. I was hyper & extremely wired. I felt like I could be so productive. It wasn’t until maybe a few hours at home where I started to feel the symptoms. I decided to rest that evening & be a certified couch potato & watch The Circle on Netflix (great show btw). The fatigue was slowly setting in. My strangest symptom was a tingling sensation from my cheek all the way down to my feet on the injected side. My arm was a little sore but mostly had this numbing feeling which was quite uncomfortable but not unbearable. Like I said, I was pretty content being a couch potato. I thought I was going to fall asleep before 10p.m. which is rather unlike me especially on Friday nights as I am an avid night owl. But then my boyfriend suggested we get Wendy’s so obviously I perked up. That $5 Biggie Bag waits for no one.

Later that night, I was extremely exhausted & a bit slap happy. Fun fact about me is when I’m this tired, I’ll find the simplest things hilarious. We were watching compilations of Tim the Tatman on Youtube playing Fall Guys & I literally laughed myself to sleep. I also, had a slight headache but I was too afraid to take anything for it so I just fell asleep.

Saturday: DAY 2

When I woke up the first thing I noticed was how sore my arm was & how the soreness traveled from my neck to the middle of my back. The headache subsided. But I was exhausted. Sleep was my best friend this day. There were a few moments where I thought the energy came back, but it was a lie. I’d just end up back into bed scrolling through Tik Toks. My boyfriend was a saint & made me a huge breakfast spread at 1p.m. This entire time I had also felt pretty foggy. I thought I’d be able to continue planning out blog posts & do a bit of writing but there was no way! Even replying back to other bloggers for future projects & such was impossible. So, I just shut off the apps & went back to mindlessly watching Youtube.

Sunday: DAY 3:

I felt a lot better this day but still a little cloudy minded. We managed to get out of the house a little bit to get a few things for some home projects we have planned. But I continued to rest it out & have a proper Self Care Sunday. I never felt like I had a full blown cold or anything & it never hit my sinuses like it does to some. But the exhaustion was on another level.

Monday Day 4:

As I am writing this, I am day 4 post vaccine. This morning I was still experiencing some tiredness but nothing a glass of caffeinated tea couldn’t fix. I wasn’t sure if I was able to even write this today, but the energy returned in the afternoon. I’d say overall, it wasn’t too difficult to endure. I’ve had a sore arm with the flu shot before, so it wasn’t too unfamiliar. I’d say out of all the symptoms, the exhaustion was what really threw me for a loop. But I’d just say sleep it out if you can. Something I should have noted before was I was at the tail end of my menstrual cycle when I received the vaccine, so I’m usually very sleepy during that time anyway. It was probably double the exhaustion then. But nothing with my menstrual cycle really changed as I’ve heard in some articles, it can become heavier. Overall, it was doable & I don’t regret receiving it. I’ll be getting my second dose in three weeks.

Again, I’m not here to cause a debate. I knew I personally wanted to get the vaccine when it was my turn & in a proper manner because I’ve been feeling uneasy without having it. Now, I can go to social gatherings & events without as much worry & anxiety. I’m still going to be cautious & be smart with my decisions. But it is for sure a relief to be one step closer to freedom. One dose down & one more to go. Here’s to a #shotgirlsummer & some normalcy.


37 thoughts on “Shot Girl Summer: I Got The Vaccine & This Is How It Went

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I got my first dose just yesterday 🙂 I made an appointment online, showed up to the local Walmart pharmacy, and got my shot. 18 minutes total. Easy. I think everyone in Colorado is qualified, no waiting. My bicep is sore where they poked me, but I’m otherwise okay.

    The two bubble teas I had after as a reward have also given me no negative side effects 😁

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  2. Good for you for following through. My daughter is the same age and she had a headache and fatigue also, but only for one day. The sore arm lasted three days for both of us, the same as a flu shot. Easy peasy and so worth it!

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  3. Thanks for sharing your experience! I’m 15 so I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet but in India, vaccination for 18+ people will get started from 1st May. My parents got their first dose 3 weeks ago, my mom had unbearable pain that night but she got normal the next day and my dad was very sleepy for 2 days. My siblings will also get their first dose in a few days, I’m quite excited for my turn

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  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. Very interesting to hear how different countries have been handling it, and different symptoms etc.
    I’m in the U.K. and luckily because of underlying issues I’ve managed to have my 1st jab when most other people my age haven’t. I had the Astra vac and was very lethargic after. It’s crazy the various symptoms different types give you etc but I would rather have a few days of tiredness and be more immune then experience Covid 😦
    Hope you are feeling a lot better now. Fingers crossed this will all blow over soon 🙂

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    1. that’s very lucky you got it early! yes, lethargic is a great way to describe it. i’m with you, the symptoms are way better than getting the actual virus for sure. i’m feeling a lot better. 🙂


  5. I got my vaccine this week and I was so nervous as I heard of really bad symptoms. I’m glad to know that you’re okay, but yes the exhaustion is something else! But I see it as an excuse to be lazy for the day! Lol!

    Btw I love the title! #shortgirlsummer totally going to be part of my vocab now.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your experience! All of the uncertainty around this vaccine makes it even more important to share information like this. My fiancé got the Pfizer vaccine & had pretty bad symptoms as well, but I got Moderna & had minimal symptoms. But I know it’s different for everyone. I’m glad to hear your feeling better, & I hope your second shot goes well!

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  7. Cool to hear someone else’s experience 😊 we have two doses here in New Zealand. My second dose I experienced a lot of flu like symptoms for a few days however the first dose I was fine just a little nauseous. Take care & well done!

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  8. I received my vaccine yesterday. Aside from a sore arm, similar to receiving my annual flu vaccine, I feel fine. Thanks for sharing what I may look forward to yet!

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  9. I’m so glad you wrote about your experience. I’m very hesitant to get the vaccine, not because I’m afraid of it or afraid of needles, but because of the anxiety I get prior to any sort of vaccine or bloodwork. It’s not that I experience more pain than most people do, I just build it up so much in my head, and the possibilities of needing boosters in the future does not help.

    But, knowing that it wiped you out (I would be getting the Pfizer vaccine as well), does help me plan ahead and feel more at ease about the side effects. Plus, I wouldn’t mind having a few days of doing nothing but relaxing and watching Netflix, so if I can focus on that as something to look forward to, that would definitely help me! Thanks again for sharing your experience, I hope you write a small update (or large!) on the second dose.

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    1. I totally understand & your feelings are valid. Your damned if you do or your damned if you don’t. I’d just say rest it out and prepare for a few days of self care. I actually really enjoyed getting extra sleep anyway lol. I needed it. I’m glad sharing my experience has eased your mind a little bit. I’ll def do an update 👌🏻

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  10. Thank you for sharing your experience! My BFF and my mom got theirs at the same time and the 2nd dose had them out for a few days. My other close friend got his 2nd dose last week and he (in his own words) was embracing the potato life for about 2-3 days but his parents went to a party the next night sooo I guess they didn’t get any side effects lol.

    I hear people say that getting the vaccine can cause you to not have kids; I’m like bro, I’m already in pre-menopause if it could speed this up, that would be awesome lol.

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      1. Oh it’s even worse when it comes to kids and vaccines! I got scared to take ANY vaccines while I was pregnant but I know the kiddo needs hers esp the ones for the first year!

        And tbh she hardly ever gets sick, and she’s 2. The only time is if her dad passes her a cold or flu. But in the 2 years she’s only gotten sick ONCE.


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