5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems

It’s human nature to have problems. Honestly, it wouldn’t be living without them. Whether its a dent in our routine, a habit we can’t break or some existential crisis, there are usually no quick fixes. And you definitely don’t want to catch yourself numbing those issues with external distractions. Advertisers would tell you otherwise. But don’t listen to them. They are simply trying to make a quick buck. Here are 5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems:

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In my early 20’s, I thought the quickest solution to happiness was to move across the country. I wanted to be just like all the influencers on Youtube & jump on a plane & fly all the way to sunny California because I THOUGHT it would change my life. I’m so glad I didn’t listen to this dream because do you know how high taxes are in the state of California right now? People are wanting out.

The idea of moving to a new location was going to free myself of my feelings of being stuck or bored in my current situation. When all I was basing this on was my own imagination. Granted, sometimes moving does ignite change, but it’s nothing that will completely solve your problems. Who’s to say, you even become a different person in a new location. Remember the saying, “wherever you go, there you are.” And that proved to me the only way to solve my problems was to actively alter my perspective.


I used to think, the sure fire way to change as an individual was to fix my style. I’d go straight to the mall, purchase a few new items & think, “yes! this is the person I want to be.” But all I did was waste my precious money & time because I’d still lie awake at night overthinking my life choices. And consumerism banks on us to whip out our wallets & spend spend SPEND!

They are the ones that tell us certain new purchases will make us better people, lead us to success, the right relationships or even new lifestyles. I’m sorry to break it to you, but that new blazer won’t land you that promotion. Those fuzzy slippers won’t cure your depression. And it really doesn’t matter if anything in your closet is designer. Yes, those things can be nice to have. And a sense of a style does showcase your personal uniqueness at times. And I’m not saying you should deprive yourself of luxury. The problem occurs when you look to these external items to cure your internal battles.


It’s all good and well to plan out your life & future, but sometimes all we are doing is just that, planning instead of actually doing. The world is unpredictable, as we’ve seen recently. So, always be open to alter said plan & realize life is messy sometimes. It becomes a problem when we treat each step of our plan to be the “end all be all” to the next phases. And a lot of times that causes a lot of waiting. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself into whatever is feeling uncomfortable. And don’t let that stop you from actually going for it.


Instead of relying on things to make us feel better & creating vices, let’s be open to communicating our emotions. If you are having a bad day, talk about it. If someone hurt your feelings, tell them. Don’t bottle up those feelings & start aimlessly spending your money or punishing your body for being human. On my worst days, I’d go to the mall & spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary things. I’d come home a little better, hang up my new purchases in my closet & still see a frowning face in my mirror.


As much as I talk about how minimalism changed my life for the better & lead me to a happier outlook, it didn’t completely solve my problems either. It was a component in the right direction, but I still have to do plenty of internal reflection to move forward. And it’s not like I woke up one day & felt fixed. Individuals are always a work in progress. I will always be working on myself my entire life. Growth doesn’t just stop. Height wise, you might me done, but mentally you are always evolving.


33 thoughts on “5 Things That Won’t Solve Your Problems

  1. I’m a run-away type. I know all too well that “wherever you go, there you are” and “you take yourself wherever you go”. But like you said, a fresh start and a new perspective can sometimes help. And there is nothing like packing up and moving to get the family to minimize their “stuff”! Haha! But to the point that your issues move with you… said “stuff” always reaccumulates!

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  2. Very wonderful reflections the are relatable. We often want the quickest fixes and barely address our problems. Having such awareness that about problems are still ours untill we deal with them instead of avoiding is key. As you said, goals without actions don’t work, and changing the outside without changing within doesn’t work either. Great post with sound advice

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  3. You’ve written a wonderful post full of self reflection. I think the more we self reflect the healthier and more successful we become – did that new outfit make me feel better or worse for having spent money I couldn’t afford to spend? Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I was just thinking about this yesterday. I have a fixation with moving. I am always looking for the next place to live as a sort of panacea to make me happy. I have a sort of restless spirit. I realized that my life is pretty good where I am and moving won’t really change anything.

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  5. I remember when I was in high school and I too wanted to just move to a dorm and attended a big university. Now I am so happy I didn’t do that and instead stayed home while in college. I saved a lot of money first going to community college and then transferring to a university and I was able to build a healthy good relationship with my parents. It’s good to not run away from your problems but face them. I loved reading this post.

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  6. I feel like you’ve just described mine and I’m sure a lot of people’s 20s lol.. Definitely a lot of focus on running from, surface/exterior feels… In my 30s I started to self-reflect more and discover my own voice.. 🙏💕

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  7. This is insightful. A lot of what people think solves problems are merely distractions. Since distractions are temporary, none of these things truly make a difference and that is why people are still unhappy. When I was younger, I used to dream about moving away someday so I could live my best life. Now that I am older and I realize that is not the case, I feel that I would not want to move far away. The idea lost its appeal when I found out my problems would simply follow me. Thanks for sharing this!

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