Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move

Have you ever had those moments where you are having a conversation with a friend or family member & you are so excited to let them in on your latest achievement or new venture & the next thing out of their mouth isn’t a “congratulations” or a “well done” but  a , “so then, what’s next for you?” 

What Do You Mean, What’s Next? – How About, How’s it Going Right Now?

I’m the type of person who is always either reflecting on my past or worrying about my future. So, for someone else to ask me “what’s next” really puts me in a downward spiral of “what am I honestly doing with my life?” I was gliding through life just fine, thank you very much, before you threw that curve ball of a statement in my face. But truth be told, instead of being bitter & wishing people would stop such things (because you know they won’t), I’ve just been in the practice of letting such comments float in the wind & continue on my path as usual. 

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   Easier said than done for sure though. I don’t know why people’s remarks can really get to me & just sit in my mind like it’s a waiting room of sorts. I can be so sure of myself, my choices & my path but for some reason a comment like “what’s next for you” can really make me freeze in my tracks & cause me to question my entire existence. Damn, what a pity. 

Don’t Wish Your Whole Life Away By Always Thinking Ahead

   What’s the point of living when we are always looking to the next best thing? In my own life, I’m trying to learn to be more present & to live more slowly in the sense of truly enjoying every single moment. One thing I’ve been reminded lately, is that life is incredibly short. We sit around thinking days drag on or the next phases of our journey seem miles away. But in reality, time is precious & in a blink of an eye, you wonder where time has gone. Like, doesn’t it feel like it should still be 2017? Or is it just me? Of course there are things I’ve been manifesting for my future & things I’m really looking forward to. But I refuse to sit here & rush my life & not stop & take a look at what I have right now. What you have right now is what your past self wished for. Isn’t that so surreal? So, why don’t you open your eyes, really look at what you have – the people, your surroundings & your growth and take a moment. Really soak it in & then show gratitude. Repeat the things you wished others would say to you.  Be your own cheerleader. Share those achievements & new ventures & say “congratulations” & well done” to yourself. And know, like a game of chess, you have the right to place your life on adjournment until you are fully ready to make that next move

~ B

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16 thoughts on “Life is a Game: People Are Always Waiting For Your Next Move

  1. Boy can I relate to this! I have anticipatory anxiety, so I have a really hard time staying present in the moment. It’s so important to slow down and keep your expectations manageable, otherwise you feel overwhelmed. Most people are just living paycheck to paycheck and don’t have lofty goals. If your goal is more short-term, like to make a nice dinner and read a good story to your kid, that is a perfectly fine goal.

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  2. This is such an interesting post. Isn’t that one of the big lessons of minimalism? Learning to be satisfied with what you have instead of always wanting more. To me, the same philosophy applies to work and most other things in life. Instead of asking “What’s next?”, we can all enjoy more peace and less stress from learning to live in the moment.

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  3. It’s interesting isn’t. That one comment, can really stop you in your tracks and cause anxiety. It’s probably because by a certain age and time we should have certain things in place. And if we haven’t, we have failed in society’s eyes. But you know what I learned over the last year and you capture it here so beautifully, “living slowly”. I love that and last we had to slow down and really understand what living meant. We had to reconnect with our pace and our time. Time last year, seemed not to exist. I couldn’t tell you what happened last year, specifically – as in big moments or achievements because we were locked down. However, I know that last year – I slowed right down and I was grateful that, thus grateful for all the connections and people and things I have in my life. Thank you for this post. Really connected x

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  4. I love this perspective. Thank you for sharing this piece. I agree with you and I am trying to be more mindful by focusing on the present. I am an overthinker, which causes me to dwell on the past and worry about the future. Sometimes, I miss what is right in front of me. Other people always putting pressure on what is next does not help this matter, but sadly, you cannot control how people react and what they say. You can only control yourself and being your own cheerleader makes a difference. Great work!

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