Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter

We are continuing in this messy to minimal series & helping you find ways to downsize parts of your home to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Today we are focusing on bathrooms which is an area of my home I keep the most simple. We have 3 bathrooms in our home – a powder room, a hall bathroom & our master bathroom. Let’s take a look at the tips & tricks I have for you to keep your bathroom spotless & functional.

Keep Counters Clear:

My biggest tip in keeping a bathroom clean & tidy is to limit the amount of items stored on countertops. I personally love storing everything in drawers or cabinets & retrieve products or tools as I need them. My boyfriend on the other hand needs all products in viewing site otherwise he will completely forget we own said item. But if you can, store most products & accessories out of site to make the cleaning process quick & easy. Also, I find when counters are clear of clutter, I have a sense of ease & clarity.

Throw Out The Dirty & Used Up

During this declutter, I let go of a lot of used up products, expired items & things that were just plain nasty – like our toothbrush holder or worn out towels. Know when to throw out or replace an item when necessary. I was able to downsize my daily facial and bathroom products in half this time around. Keeping a simple skincare & hair routine is essential to my productive mornings & evenings. I also let go of some products like dry shampoo that I find to be rather toxic & troublesome to my hair or skin. Life is too short to have items that are just alright.

Be Comfortable With Open Space:

I’ve discussed this concept in the first episode of the series but it’s one that needs to be repeated. Always be open to the idea of empty cabinets & drawers. Never have the mindset of needing to fill a space just because it’s there. This opens the idea of clutter & more stuff that you probably don’t even need. In our hall bathroom for example, I keep the under the sink cabinet pretty much empty. The only thing that is stored in this space in a small bin from Target that houses my hair tools. I use this bathroom as a place to style my hair since the master bathroom only has one sink. It makes my morning routine go more smoothly when the boyfriend is hogging our other bathroom. When you downsize the number of products you own, you’ll be surprise by how much storage you really need.

Keep Duplicates in a Spare Closet

I try my hardest not to own too many duplicates to begin with. But there are a few essentials I like to keep stocked. And for those who have families, it’s pretty crucial to have said backups. I personally, store all duplicate items in our linen / storage closet that is located in our hall bathroom. These items include extra toilet paper, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, towels & cleaning products. By separating these items from the everyday essentials, you are limiting the amount of space taken up in your bathroom as well as using up items more efficiently. And side note, I don’t store any makeup products in the bathroom – I have them placed in my office which I will share with you in a future series post. But I did declutter my makeup collection a few months ago. If you are interested in reading about that, click here. This also helps keep my bathroom cluttered free.

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Keep Your Shower / Bathtub Products To a Minimum

In the actual shower / bathtub, keep only the products you use every single day. Bubble baths, occasional shower gels & hair masks can be stored under the sink or in drawers. I personally only store my shampoo, conditioner & body wash & bring my razor on a need to use basis. I used to hate the feeling of too many products in the shower at once. I’m rather clumsy so I’d always knock a bottle off the shelf or something. And when that happens, it’s always super loud. Now that I have less, it’s easier to clean & keep tidy.

Bathroom Items I No Longer Purchase:

I wanted to share with you some of the bathroom items i no longer deem as essential. Cutting down on these products has helped in maintaining a clutter free space & has also saved me money. Here are a few things to possibly let go of during your decluttering process:

. one use cotton pads / makeup remover pads

. disposable razors (instead, I use one that only needs a replaced head once in a while)

. dry shampoo

. shaving cream ( i use conditioner or body wash)

. loofahs ( i use washable clothes)

let me know if you have any other replacement / sustainable alternatives

Are there a few items in your bathroom you could let go of? I hope this episode of the series has given you some inspiration to bathroom organization / decluttering. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the previous series post here.

And until next time, happy decluttering!


11 thoughts on “Messy To Minimal Ep.2: Bathroom Declutter

  1. A few years back, I did what you recommended. I got rid of all my old makeup. Now I keep one small tin with mascara, 2 shadows, eyeliner, blush and lipstick only. That’s all I need. Recently, I also got rid of hundreds of phot frames. I took the photos out and made an envelope for each kid to keep. Now we have only about ten photos on display. It feels more manageable.

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  2. Funny to read this today as I have been bathroom decluttering this week and working on upcoming posts for my decluttering challenge series. We are very aligned in our thinking. 😀

    I am very big into multi-use items. For example, I replaced my night cream, foot callus cream, hair treatment, and cuticle cream with coconut oil. Four fewer products, no chemicals and no plastic packaging! I have done the same with a lot of cleaning products.

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  3. I totally need to go through all the products I have on my bathroom counter. I have a lot of products that I don’t use anymore and need to get rid off. Thank you for the encouragement. It’s truly good to get rid of things that I no longer need and less truly is more.


  4. Great post! Bathrooms are such an easy place to store unnecessary clutter in. I definitely need to declutter mine and go through what I do not need anymore. Finding the motivation to do this is a challenge, but I feel so much better when I am finished.

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