Messy To Minimal Ep.1 : New Series Announcement | Living Room Declutter

Downsizing your life. Why is it something you should consider, you may ask? From my experience, I have found that excess clutter not only disrupts my daily routine but it has also caused me to feel more stressed, anxious & just generally more overwhelmed. Just think what a little bit of empty space can do for your wellbeing. Spend less time cleaning & more time on experiences & quality time. Determine what items were a complete waste & save money in the future. The cure to unhappiness is never more stuff. Quit thinking you need a bigger home or more storage units to solve the issue. Be rid of the literal baggage you so willingly carry with you. I can promise, you will be happier without the majority of it. I know this journey can sound rather daunting at first, but I’m hoping this series, Messy to Minimal will provide you with the tools & motivation to get there – to a more minimal lifestyle. Follow my journey as I go room to room in my own home & give you the rundown on decluttering yours one space at a time.

I wanted to start this series off with a space in our home that tends to get a lot of foot traffic which is our living room. In this home, the layout is a rather open concept with the dining area & living space merely separated by an Ikea cube shaped unit behind the couch. We’ve found a way to rearrange the furniture that is to our liking & provides optimal viewings of the TV from all angles. It’s a space that looks neat & tidy to the untrained eye but as I was decluttering, I realized we masked the miscellaneous items in drawers, cabinets & baskets. Let’s dive into what I learned & what you should keep in mind when you are downsizing this type of area:


In all parts of a home, you should always ask yourself “what are the bones to the space?” This entails items that are essential & are a main part to the area. For instance, in our living space we prioritize having a couch, a coffee table, a tv & it’s tv stand. Everything else is technically optional to us. And in our dining space, which I’ll include here prioritizes the high top table & six chairs. These are the items we find most important to own for our daily living. I always like to see if there are furniture pieces or other large items that can be removed from the space first. Never feel like you need to own tons of furniture. Always ask yourself “how will we make use of this item?” or “is this item necessary to our daily living situation?” If the answer is no, remove said items right away. So, for us, we find having a coffee table rather nice since we sometimes eat dinner while we watch tv on the couch. But we don’t own end tables by the couch because we find that unnecessary & cluttered. You have to determine what works best for you & your overall lifestyle.


The reason I dislike dresser drawers or cabinets & even baskets is I have the mentality to fill them even if it’s unnecessary. This was 100% the case for our living space. In the Ikea cube unit for example, we have decorative baskets to fill the bottom row mainly for aesthetic purposes. But low & behold we still managed to fill these spaces with manuals, unused candles, extra coasters & miscellaneous decor we weren’t using. And most of these items were decluttered because I honestly forgot they were there. Clearly, there was no use for them. The same thing happened with an ottoman we have that opens up for extra storage. We had around five different puzzles we either made or never used during quarantine. I quickly donated those since I’m personally over the puzzle phase. I couldn’t believe the amount of random items that were tucked away. This taught me to be comfortable with empty spaces & to not fill them up just because they are there. If you are unable to be successful in this, maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t have many baskets or drawers at all.


This concept can be used with all parts of a home. Always keep in mind the true purpose of an area. The living space for example, is a place for relaxing on the couch, watching television, reading & visiting with others. If you enjoy reading, add a chair in a corner with a bright lamp. Or to add character, add a bar shelf or cart for extra glassware & decor. Make the place inviting & not filled with unnecessary items. Decor can add a lot of personality to a home, but it can also become too much. Be choosy of what you display & store the occasional items away. In our home, we display items that are either meaningful in some way or serves a purpose. This is a great mentality to have when striving for a less is more type of lifestyle.

Overall, the living space is an easy starting mark in the process of decluttering a home. As long as you keep these tips in mind, I’m sure you will create a space that is both inviting, practical & one you can keep clean easier. I can’t wait to continue this journey through other parts of my home. Comment down below where you would like me to declutter next.

Happy Organizing!

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50 thoughts on “Messy To Minimal Ep.1 : New Series Announcement | Living Room Declutter

  1. Loved the first part of this series! I am also guilty of feeling the need to fill the space. I have a ton of storage baskets haha. I would like to see an office declutter (if you have one) or the kitchen! 😊

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  2. thank you for this excellent post. What resonated with the most is when you say we shouldn’t feel the need to fill up an empty space. You are right. We are conditioned to fill up every inch of space in our home to show wealth and prestige and excellent decor tastes. but money doesn’t bring happiness. we shouldn’t feel pressured to buy to fill up the home but instead be more intentional in how we decorate and arrange furnishings.

    I feel uncomfortable when I see a spot on my home that is empty. it makes me want to rush out to fill it. we all have to learn to be comfortable with leas stuff and that less stuff us not always bad

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  3. This was so much fun to read and I must say, I absolutely love your wall decor. Hahaa I have recently just understood the concept of “not trying to fill an empty space”. I used to decor any little space I had but I don’t do this anymore which is definitely a big change for me.

    Ommg I totally get that ottoman thing. I was putting so many random stuff in it and had to clean everything. Sadly, that’s still there. I still need to organize that. :3

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    1. thank you!! 🙂 i used to be the same way – always wanting to fill space. (my bf is still that way tbh haha)

      oh my gosh, the ottoman had so many random things! it was like this endless pit of junk haha!


  4. I completely agree that you need to look at a room and figure out what you need in it and make it functional. Minimalism is really about focusing on what you need and creating space to breathe. When things are messy, it’s hard to think, be creative, and relax. I’ve definitely become messier over the years and need to move toward being minimal. Great post!

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  5. I love this! I have a very large family and I’ve lived with so much stuff -even the necessary things for so many people get mountainous- for so long. I think the desire to downsize and simplify is a blessing to ease the normal dread of the empty nest phase, which is almost here for me.

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  6. Love the fresh idea! I agreed that we need to tone down the urge to fill every space found available to effectively declutter. I did a bit of decluttering in my bedroom and the feeling afterwards is indeed refreshing. Thank you for sharing this!

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  7. Our living room is fairly minimalistic already, but the problem is, we dump everything on the coffee table, until it becomes an absolute eyesore. Maybe getting some small trays on there would help. You’ve got me thinking…

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    1. oh yes the drop zone. we have that on our kitchen counter. yes, possibly a tray & maybe make a habit of going through that section of the house & place the items in more proper homes? just a thought.


  8. These are great tips. I am also loving the less is more approach to my house. I love how you said just because you have space doesn’t mean you need to fill it!

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  9. I LOVE decluttering and not using a space simply because it’s there. You shared lots of great tips – and I appreciated the photos to help follow along on your journey!

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  10. “The cure for unhappiness is never more stuff.” well isn’t that the truth? Fabulous read! I understand the struggle of filling in the space available hahaha I relate to it so much. I love your tips especially to remember the function of an object and see if it still fits with you or something. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Thank you for these thorough tips. I completely agree with not filling space just because it’s available. It’s tempting but honestly can make things look cluttered.

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  12. Really great advice. I needed to read this. I would love to consider a minimalist but currently we are running out of space nomatter how much I declutter. Really helpful post though!

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  13. I routinely go through my stuff and get rid of lists of stuff, but it never seems to make any difference to the amount of space I have. I guess that’s the problem with existing in a single room, space is more valuable that gold but even the basics take up almost all your space

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