Guest Post: Here’s Your Sign To Go Thrift Shopping

Here’s a guest post from the lovely Jessica Lasa. Be sure to check out her blog & give her a follow. Here’s the link to her blog:

I’ve always loved going to the thrift store. Since I was little, I’ve always found it like an adventure. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, the old saying goes. This morning I loaded up my donations and headed out to my favorite local thrift store. All thrift stores are not created equally. If you don’t like one shop don’t write them all off. Some carry nicer brands of clothing and some are more expensive. My favorite local thrift store is Flathead Industries because they don’t over-charge and they employ over 40 disabled workers.


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Shopping at a thrift store is like digging to find buried treasure but sometimes things jump out at you. As soon as I walked in, I spotted the perfect basket for my house. I’ve been looking for months online for a storage space for my husband’s blueprints as they are currently strewn about the floor and furniture. This wicker basket was the perfect size and was $2.50.  This purchase totally made my day!

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Luckily, styles often come back in fashion and you can find great vintage pieces at a thrift store. I found this flannel in the men’s section. It looks just like the one I bought my daughter for $22 at target. It was $4.00 and is a name brand, Fox. Flannels are totally back in fashion from the nineties and I am here for it!

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I’m super bummed because there were so many amazing sweaters. I had a hard time choosing but chose the nautical looking white one in the photo below. Somehow, I lost it at the checkout because it did not make it home with me. I pictured it with jeans and a red lip for a very classic look.

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Thrift stores are packed with formal dresses and wedding gowns. I splurged on a pale purple evening gown just for fun. I  could not pass up this amount of tulle. It had me visualizing the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) prom dress complete with combat boots. It was $40 and not a perfect fit but the dress was easily pinned as an alteration. I had so much fun playing dress up!

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It really felt like I hit the jackpot finding this black maxi dress in my size. It is so comfortable and was only $4.00. I’m sure I’ll wear it all summer! It would also look great with a jean jacket and white kicks or a sweater and boots. This dress is so versatile and it’s in great shape, like new.

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I also picked up a cute skirt for $2.00 that is great for spring and summer in a gorgeous fuchsia color. This skirt will look great with a tank or even as a swimsuit coverup.

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If you are low on funds and would like to buy new clothes, don’t hesitate to check out your local thrift stores. I have found extremely expensive, name brand clothes thrifting and some great furniture and home décor, as well. It’s also such a great idea to donate to these establishments. You can receive a receipt for a tax write off and you just might make someone’s day with your unwanted items!

19 thoughts on “Guest Post: Here’s Your Sign To Go Thrift Shopping

  1. It’s nice to connect your face to this blog I’ve been responding to for months! You have made some great finds here. I also love thrift store shopping and have donated tons of clothing to them over the years. When I retired recently, I gave all my work clothes away. However, I am still avoiding shopping at the moment, until I get my vaccine.

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  2. This is a great piece! Thanks for sharing! I admit that I don’t always have the patience to shop at thrift stores. And since the pandemic hit I have been less inclined to go there. 😦 But if there was an online thrift store Id be all for it then I can browse at my leisure!

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      1. Oh yeah, I’ve heard of . It’s an interesting concept but much more expensive than traditional second hand stores like goodwill and etc

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  3. My husband shops at thrift stores but I don’t. I can reason that I hardly buy things as it is, so I don’t mind buying new items (they last a very long time). I will wear clothes until there are holes in them. Most of the time, I don’t end up donating my clothes because they are so-far-gone that not even the thrift shops would want them 😂

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