3 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With The Minimalist Lifestyle – Guest Post

Hi everyone! Today I have a guest post from the lovely Helen of Crispy Confessions. Be sure to follow her on her blog as well as Twitter & Instagram.

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When the minimalist movement started trending across America and some of my friends and neighbors started to adopt its values, I admit that I was intrigued. The very idea of choosing to have less stuff seemed unfathomable to me, having grown up with the mindset that you needed stuff to be truly happy. But the more I learned about the minimalist lifestyle, the more that I wanted to learn more. In this article, I will give you 3 things that made me fall in love with the minimalist lifestyle.

3 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With The Minimalist Lifestyle

Surrounding yourself with things that create joy

I first learned about the concept of surrounding oneself with things that spark joy in the Netflix documentary Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. What I learned was that the secret to decluttering the home was not using the gold standard of organizational methods, but to be intentional about the things that I do end up keeping. I learned about the importance of surrounding myself with things that gave me joy. I realized  that I didn’t want to just live in a home that was crammed with stuff, but rather with stuff that gave me purpose and truly made me happy.

Realizing the value in simplicity

Another thing that I love about the minimalist lifestyle is its emphasis of simplicity over chaos and clutter. It taught me that comfort can be found in even the simplest of things. You can simply have just the essentials in the home to survive. For example, I can just have a sofa, a TV, and a book or two, and I can be satisfied with just these three or four things. I don’t need that pull down map, fancy rug, or little trinkets. By just surrounding myself with the bare essentials for survival and comfort, then I am giving myself the best chance at maintaining a clean house and happiness.

Discovering the true meaning of life

The race to constantly buy things year after year is diluting the true meaning of not only the holidays, but life. The minimalist lifestyle embraces the complete opposite of that. Rather than going out to buy stuff, it advocates more important things that I could be doing instead. I could be spending precious time with family and friends or pursuing a new hobby or skill. By focusing less on consumerism, I can spend more time on the things that matter. It brings the focus back to the things that matter and less on materialistic things.

The best thing about embracing a minimalist lifestyle is the inherent ability to surround myself with joy, find happiness with simplicity, and ultimately reject consumerism. It is about finding peace with the things that matter. It is about loving who I am and the things that I choose to surround myself with at home. By being a minimalist, you end up ultimately embracing the best version of yourself.

Again, thank you so much, Helen for sharing your journey to minimalism. If you want to read more posts from Crispy Confessions, be sure to check out her blog!

35 thoughts on “3 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With The Minimalist Lifestyle – Guest Post

  1. Loved this post! I say while being surrounded by junk, all my junk have memories, how ever I have stopped myself from buying things that I don’t need… It does wonders for my mental health. Lol sorry for the rant.

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  2. I like how your 3 points were abstract points rather than concrete points! 🙂 I probably would have written the obvious things like less clutter, save more money etc. 😂 but there is so much more to minimalism than simply clearing out the clutter and cutting down on the junk!

    Over the years, I stopped collecting things. It’s so hard for me to part with collections and I am currently struggling with letting go of these sentimental items. My stuff has memories and it was a part of who I was back when I was lonely and collected things as as way to deal with loneliness.

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    1. Thanks!! I think that one of the main reasons why people collect things is to fill an emotional chasm & I love how minimalism seeks to fill that not with stuff but with other more important non-tangible things such as love & family & hope

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  3. Love this! I wouldn’t say that I’m a minimalist but I’m a minimalist-ish haha! I love buying and living intentionally. Clutter makes me feel overwhelmed and when things just hang around my house, it feels like such a waste to me! Thanks for sharing this guest post x


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  4. Nice post. I love the concept of minimalism, it’s something I want to adapt to and I love how minimalistic lifestyle looks, it’s way better than having a lot of things that are not using.

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  5. I’m starting to adopt the minimalist lifestyle and what has really stood out for me was that I was saving money and I’m not surrounded by a bunch of stuff that I don’t use. It’s been great!

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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  6. This is beautifully written💕💕
    “By focusing less on consumerism, I can spend more time on the things that matter”🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Living a simplistic life really makes you think about life. Choosing everything carefully, a bit like quality over quantity. xx

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  7. Love this post! You have really inspired me to start embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Decluttering my home and closets has given me a sense of freedom and joy that I have not had in years. It’s teaching me to appreciate what I truly need in life 😀❤

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  8. Great points! It’s been hard to stay on my minimalist course sometimes, but it’s so worth it. We’ve systematically downsized our home and possessions and it’s so relaxing to not have to spend all our time taking care of “stuff”

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  9. Its a lovely post!
    I have been thinking of it for quite a time now. Too many unwanted things always seem to annoy me but I haven’t taken any action because I couldn’t totally understand the minimalist concept. This post was helpful.

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