Blogmas Day 12: Merry Christmas to the Blogging Community!

It’s the final day of 12 Days of Blogmas. As this being my first ever Blogmas, I’m so glad I decided to participate. I felt like it got us all in the holiday spirit & I was able to connect with more people in the community as well. Not to mention I managed to surpass 600 followers on WordPress! So, thank you! On this final day of Blogmas I wanted to shout out the bloggers who I think deserve some love & appreciation. Treat this as a gift to you all. Of course, I obviously love more than 12 bloggers, but I’ll be doing more shoutouts in the new year. 🙂 Merry Christmas blogging community!!

Jocelyn from LetGodToday

“Happy holidays everyone! Thank you Brittany for this feature ❤️😊 This is Jocelyn from, a blog where I talk about faith, fashion, and lifestyle. In my posts, I dive into scripture reading and share verses that have encouraged me. I also share beauty and fashion trends, travel adventures, college lifestyle, and food recipes! My style is simple and fun and I hope to bring a pop of color into your life. What I love most about the holiday season are the cozy vibes and the colder weather, which we don’t get much of in Southern California haha I wish you all the happiest of holidays!”

Katie from Watt The Blog

“My blog is Watt The Blog, all about navigating life in general, now that I’m in my late 20s. There’s a hint of travel, fashion, and of course my Corgi pup Reggie along the way. I’d be lying if I said I fall in to one particular niche because what I write about definitely varies from day to day!”

Favorite part of the holiday season:
My favourite thing about the holiday season is definitely spending time with family! I get a break from work so it’s a really chance for some quality time together ❤️

The Art of Films & Books

My blog is about movies and books reviews. I hope to enjoy every one with my thoughts.

Favorite part of the holiday season:

My love about the holidays is de hole family in one room and watch the holiday movie with all the love in the room.

Chelsea from Chelsea’s Life


“Working from home mama who also virtually homeschools, I talk about marking money from home, living a healthy balanced life, and share vegetarian recipes and weight loss tips.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“My favorite part of the holiday season is making traditional holiday foods and baked goods. They bring up good memories of my childhood and I love sharing these recipes with my two girls.”

Chaitrali from GlitteryThoughs:


“I share blog posts which apply to you in living fit and happy life. I write on Lifestyle, Travel and Fiction.”

Favorite Part of the Season:
“In India, we experience holiday season on festivals. I love Holidays when Diwali starts. Everyone in family and friends gather to commomorate it. Tasty food recipes fill the aroma in houses. Lanterns and House Decorations bring happiness. 💫In December, I love to party on Christmas, Year end celebration and chilling Winter.”❄️🤶🎉❤️

Niamh Darby

“Hey, I’m Niamh Darby – a beauty, lifestyle, and travel blogger based in York! You can find me on Instagram: @niamhdarby and Twitter @niamhdarby_. I started blogging while studying for a Journalism degree and instantly fell in love with writing on topics I enjoyed and discovered.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“I LOVE Christmas, especially with the family I come from – it’s always a big deal and Santa still very much still exists for us all! I have worked in retail for the past four years and I am the only one who gets super excited about the festive season, it just makes me so happy as it’s a time to celebrate for everyone!”

Surly Human



SurlyHuman is a blog that talks about self-improvement from relationships to self-awareness. I also talk about skincare, fashion, music, and multimedia. I encourage people to want to see a change in anything they do and find confidence in themselves. As a teen, this blog is to share my experiences, opinions, and thoughts of daily life.

What I love about the holiday season is the atmosphere of happiness and joy. The way people care about each other to share gifts showing their love for their friends and families. Every time this season comes around, I get a burst of love and appreciation for everything around me.

Josselin of Daily Joss:


“My name is Josselin and I love plants, thrifting, and home decor. Some of my favorite things about the holidays is spending time with family, snow, hot chocolate, Christmas music and homemade meals.”

Suresh from Second Source:

Social Media Accounts:

Twitter Pinterest Linkin

“Our blog aims to provide every reader best available information on WordPress tutorials, SEO and tips to make money from home. We want everyone to earn SecondSource income to enjoy with extra income.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“I love the snowfall.”

Deborah from HeadphonesThoughts

Instagram @headphonesthoughts

Twitter @HeadphonesTblog



“I have co-hosted the Resplendency 2020 Women’s Conference Online Event.

“In addition my articles have been featured on MCWEN and .”

“I am a woman who constantly finds herself lost in her thoughts. As I go throughout my day, I sometimes write down what is on my mind. I will write about funny or something more serious. You could say this is a lifestyle blog. I wanted to start this blog to keep track of the little things in life that made me happy or changed my mind about something. Either way, we all think about something throughout our day. This really can start a conversation or keep us dreaming about the future. Our thoughts can speak very loud about things we believe in. My blog will also feature a top list section, where I will be writing about some of my top things I find interesting. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and this journey through my headphonesthoughts each day.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“My favorite thing about the holiday season is spending time with my family. Every year I look forward to see my siblings and parents and getting to catch up. The holiday season for me is special because of family.”


I am Siddhesh and I am an aspiring writer. I own a blog that goes by my name: SIDDHESH. It’s a place on the internet very dear to me, where I can put out all my whims, musings and experiences. I am a student and a teenager just so you know. It’s difficult sometimes, so talking on the blog, and getting people that relate to you is exciting for me! That’s what my journey has been so far, writing, talking about different stuff, cherishing small moments and it’s been fun. You can visit my blog and join me on my journey here:

Favorite part of the holiday season: It’s holiday season! Christmas and the New Year! Something that excites me most about this time of the year is that you get to celebrate the ending of the year with your friends and family. It’s an amazing time where we just chill and relax, look back at how the whole year has gone, and of course make plans for the new year coming ahead. Baking. Cakes. Cookies. Gifts. Parties. Everything makes Christmas time a unique and special time! This year, things have been tough, but we can get through it. Expect the best from the next year and work hard for our dreams. I hope you all have amazing holidays… Merry Christmas!

Natasha from Smitten Spice:

“My blog is about Lifestyle and Beauty
I write mostly about living positively and building our lifestyle around positivity.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“My favourite thing about the holidays
Well it’s so difficult to pick one. The feels it gives is a thing in itself.
From making sweets to the decorations to the music
Festivities in the air is a different feeling.”


“Weird & Liberated is a fun and unique lifestyle blog written by a blogger from East London, South Africa. The blog launched in September 2018 and covers a variety of topics including personal stories.”

Favorite part of the holiday season: “I love the holiday season because I get to have fun and relax with my friends and family. We have many braais (barbecues) and it’s great for bonding.”

Demi Le Huray





“Hi I’m Demi, a mental health and lifestyle blogger who loves to inspire, help others and make a change to the world. I am absolutely inspired and happy that you are doing this for blogmas and I’m going to take this into consideration too!”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“What I love about Christmas is how it brings people together. I love to give to the charity and people that aren’t able to get presents this Christmas!”

Anjali from Chasing the Maximum Life

Photo by Anjali Virdi | Blogger in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Image may contain: 1 person, indoor.


“My Blog Chasing The Maximum Life is a lifestyle blog where I express my opinions, thoughts, ideas and views about various things such as fashion, inspiration and much more. I have also recently introduced a special category in my blog called as “Candid Talks” where I bring you real-life interviews / stories of people who have been motivators or inspiration to others in our daily lives.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“I love the holiday season a lot as it’s one of the most memorable times of the year and a reminder for all of us to focus life on important things.”

Enjoy Blogs



“My blog is a canvas for my self-expression. I write about my travels and anything that interests me. It’s a place where I express my thoughts and opinions. It’s my hobby that brings me joy 🌻.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

“I love the holiday season as it brings families together. It’s a time where generations interact and you can feel the true essence of life when you see everyone interact. A time where we can reflect on the past, be nostalgic and hope for a happy future with your family. Fun and laughter all around!”

Ask Amna

“I’m a mental health advocate and the author behind the advice blog Ask Amna. I’m on a mission to raise mental health awareness, especially within the Muslim community. Through my blog, I respond to anonymous questions with practical life advice and write about my mental health journey and recovery. Connect with me on my website, Instagram or Twitter.”

Favorite part of the holiday season:

What I like about the holiday season: while I don’t celebrate Christmas, I really do love the holiday season because of the focus on family and friendship. This year is going to be tough because I will probably not be seeing any family, but we will try to organise “virtual visits”! I grew up in Dubai and even though around December there are always lots of festive decoration and events, the weather is never that cold so it doesn’t feel that festive! After living in the US and UK I’ve come to really enjoy and look forward to the warm and cosy atmosphere that develops around the holiday season and all the pretty lights and decorations. It always feels special and people seem to be in a better mood, which always makes me feel good!


“We are lifestyle and mindset bloggers. Our goal is to empower women to take action and achieve their dream lifes.”

SM accounts:
Pinterest: projectgirl2woman
Twitter: @girl2_woman
Instagram: projectgirl2woman

What we like about the season:
Spending time with family, dancing and singing to christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate while sitting with cozy socks in front of the fireplace

Jesse Jane Blogs

“Never Alone Mom, it’s a lifestyle blog for moms. I started it originally for single moms but have been slowly transitioning it into being more for all moms in general and making sure I create content all moms will enjoy!”

Favorite part of the holiday season: “What I love most about this time of year is celebrating Christmas! It’s my favorite Holiday and it has a lot of deep nostalgic meaning for me. I love decorating the tree with the same ornaments I’ve treasured my whole life. Watching my favorite Christmas movie on Christmas Eve right before bed, seeing all the beautiful lights and decorations. Oh, and let’s not forget of course remembering the Lord’s birth! It’s such a magical time and I get so excited for it every year!”

Where you can find me:

Em Wells from LoveEMblog:




“Em is a UK blogger focusing on blogging, business & sustainability on her blog “Love, Em“. With 4 years of experience in the blogging world, she is keen to share her knowledge. Emily is passionate about helping others, and since leaving college, has decided to put her passions in writing. You can find her over on social media!”

Favorite part of the holiday season:
“The holiday season means a lot to me. I love it because it’s a time for giving. Not only do I enjoy treating my family with gifts and little chocolate santas, but I love helping those in need. I love the holiday season because the world seems to come together and help each other. You could give a warm drink to a homeless person or gift a child in need with something special and it would mean the world to them. It’s a beautiful time of year!”

Be sure to go follow all these wonderful bloggers! And hope you all have a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) & a Happy New Year! Blogmas has been so much fun. I’m so sad it is over. Maybe next year I will do all 25 days. I will be taking a bit of a posting break for a few days but will be back next Friday with a New Years post!

Don’t forget to follow me on my social media accounts:

Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest

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